You want employees to have an emotional connection to the employee campaigns which can be accomplished by understanding the psychology of the employees and what motivates them in involvement more than just financially. Do this correctly and you will quickly have a group of motivated employees taking your campaigns for the company to a whole new level of marketing power.

An important aspect of using employee marketing is looking at the experience between employees and customers. Look at how some employees have been better at customer retention and profits. Have these employee stars talk about how they accomplished what they have accomplished. This works on two levels. The first being the employee who is sharing to feel good and proud about achieving what she/he has as well as the enjoyable process for them of pride when sharing with other employees their strategies.

You must be on high alert of all your sources of new material for the internal employee marketing campaign as well as being able to tweak the customer campaigns so that they take into consideration what employees have said about working with customers and the motivators that they have observed.

Another strategy that you can do with employees is by having them potentially participate in the company blogging process as in them creating their own posts as an outreach to clients who read the site. This can be an informational piece with concepts shared that are of interest to customers.

An extremely ambitious approach that I did for the business owners and the clients was looking at each employee being capable of creating their own specific campaign shared with clients. We did it by assigning a different blog to each employee. As a manager of many websites I was able to cut a deal with the sites for them being open to their site being focused on by an employee. This is a win-win because employees benefit by having the blog forum to talk about themselves and the services they offer. It also helps increase each individual blog’s search engine visibility, especially if the articles are written carefully, keeping an eye on involving the most helpful keywords for both communication with the client and communicating with search engines.

It did indeed prove to be challenging to keep the employees via the managers motivated to create blog content as well as get their respective customers to know about the website they are guest blogging on plus make the customers aware of current campaigns and offers.