Marketer Magician Helps You Market Your Journey Using Imagination

Market Your Journey

I sometimes call myself Marketer Magician and what I do for you is to help you market your journey. What is the key component to making this happen for you? It is imagination. This post is going to be less about Marketer Magician and more about the imagination process needed to market your journey

One of my favorite Einstein quotes is:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. – Albert Einstein.

In fact, as a kid I had a poster with that quote on it on the wall in my room.

Utilize Your Thoughts

With everything I did as an adult, that quote followed me, lead me, inspired me. It was clear to me that in order to create something new, you needed to use your imagination. This meant you had the protentional to create something totally new, which even if this never happened, having that as an outlook allowed you to freely think about topics and have a fresh approach to utilizing your thoughts.

One of the definitions of imagination from is:

“The faculty of imagining, or of forming mental images or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses.”

This makes sense to me because sometimes it is never quite clear where ideas come from. Sometimes you can be inspired by something you see, but other times you imagine something that does not appear to be connected to anything you’ve seen or accomplished.

Drawing From One Another’s Work

But imagination is not process limited to be enacted by just one person at a time. Sometimes groups form a contingent to come up with a solution. If a certain topic gets multiple people to put forth ideas, the solution can on some occasions be found in a combination of the ideas presented. Seeing how the ideas connect takes its own form of imagination. Therefore the solution would not have been possible without various individuals working together or drawing from one another’s work.

Inspiration Source

My experience with imagination is being able to write without knowing in advance how I will approach examining a specific topic. This is useful when writing posts like this one because I am not limited by just what research shows me but can sometimes use researched items as a jumping off place of inspiration that may or may not actually impact what I write. And to the naked eye may or may not seem connected. We are all inspired in one way or another to the world around us, and we may or may not be conscious of what those inspirations are.

Seeking Solutions

A part of the beauty of imagination when paired with creativity and a committment to manifesting an external item of some sort, is that you can have two or three or more additional concepts that seem completely unrelated and then find relationships between them that might not have previously existsed prior to you imagining them. This is a powerful process when you are looking for solutions to problems or even just writing for entertainment purposes.

The Power of Imagination

Imagination can be very valuable in business, an undertaking that relies heavily on having a proprietary aspect. Having something proprietary means that a business can differentiate themselves from other businesses and therefore often get business because they are different. This can lead to having more profit because you might be solving a problem that others can not because of your relationship with imagination yourself, or the imagination of others.


This approach of bringing something to being in business, as can be seen is quite useful and can make all the difference for a company. Of course it is not just the person who comes up with the important idea who is needed, also important is the individual who applies a practical application of the concept. Because of the exciting new online tools available, the person doing the imagining and the person doing the implementation can be one and the same individual. This can involve introverts who prefer to be the solopreneurs, and work as entrepreneurs in this manner

And Thus it Is

And thus that is how imagination can be used by Marketer Magician to help you market your journey and have all the success you deserve. If you are reading this in newsletter form please hit ‘return” and we’d be happy to help you.


Your Story and Ours

Marketing Integration

As you have gotten to know by this time, online marketing is different from digital marketing in that it takes place ALL online. Whereas Digital Marketing includes things like outdoor billboards, subway ads and digital signage. We do online marketing, though, with a small amount of participation with a client’s social media assets. This is because we believe that our clients, who are small business owners and those with entrepreneurial ventures, know their customers best and therefore should be the ones interacting directly with consumers. Though, that said, the customized online marketing that we create for you, dovetails and integrates quite nicely with your social.

The Importance of Your Story

But ironically, it is something that is non digital that is one of the most important components of your marketing arsenal. We are speaking of course about “your story.” Every business has a story of how they came to be and customers want to know your story because it makes them trust you more due to the fact they learn how you started your business and what you are all about. Think of it this way, how does someone become your friend? It’s getting to know everything about that person. And the same goes for your business story. As a case in point we’re going to tell you our story.

Our/My Story

Our story at is that I started out as a semi-pro magician from ages 8 to 18 and had intended to make it my profession. But then a film I had made about a magician, caught the interest of the brother of a very famous filmmaker and I was invited to apprentice in the studio. I did so for three years but ultimately decided Hollywood was not for me. So I moved to New York City and once again made a feature film about a magician that was never released. Frustrated with my filmmaking experiences I started to do a weekly cable show. The first 5 years of this undertaking was done in the form of public access. I supported myself as a media transcriber during this period. Then the following 5 years of my show was leased access which meant I could shoot and broadcast commercials for sponsors, which I did. And with income coming in from the show I quit the media transcriber job and started to make my living from the program. After the show I formed a video, film and web business in Manhattan, NY that I ran successfully for 12 years. Following the close of that company, I became a freelance consultant on digital media. During this time I joined the most prestigious magic organization in the world and began doing magic again as a hobby but as a mentalist. A mentalist is a magician who reads minds. I wrote a book on promoting yourself as a mentalist that on the website it was sold from, became the #1 title on the topic of marketing as well as having the #1 marketing author. Encouraged by this experience, I formed as an organization for eBook and online course creating/publishing as well as helping small business owners and those with entrepreneurial ventures, to get better results from their online marketing. And somehow throughout the process of everything you just read, I got a bacheler’s degree in media, and a master’s degree in arts administration. And at the time of writing this there is a Pandemic in NYC so I do all business for DIYdigi online with my team of digital makers working remotely from all over America.

Tell Us Your Story

That’s my business story. What is yours?! We really want to know!


Take Control of Your Marketing Strategy

Have you solved all the puzzle pieces needed for your marketing efforts.? You may be missing an important elements which just might be what you need to be more complete marketing-wise.

Investopedia’s definition of a marketing strategy is:

A marketing strategy refers to a business’s overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into customers of the products or services the business provides.

Consider an Influencer

It’s who you know that can be an important component for those who market to consumers. If you know, or are willing to pay, influencers who have an audience, this can be a big part of your marketing strategy. Why? Because if an influencer is your ally (or paid consultant) you can reach your consumer market. And if your influencer can act as a spokesperson for your brand, all the better.

What Solution Do You Provide?

Needless to say this means selecting an influencer who’s fan base matches your marketing needs. Also, with influencer help, and as it goes for anyone marketing their products and services, you need to think in terms of being a provider of a solution.

Are You a Pain Reliever?

No, we are not necessarily talking about selling aspirin. You are in business because you provide solutions. And the most effective solutions are often those that not only tackle a particular issue, but also relieve pain. Because studies have shown that a pain relieving solution can often get a better result than one just solving a non-pain relieving problem.

Stand Out from the Competition

And if you are fortunate enough to not only be solving a problem but also to be uniquely qualified to solve this problem, be sure that this fact has a lot so do with your message to your prospective customers.

Celebrate Your Weirdness!

And if you and your company are a little offbeat, this can actually help you make sales, especially if you are able to convert your unusual nature into a comedic message of some sort. Why can this help? It assists you in differentiating your organization from others. Props to those who are a little “weird!”

Education Methodology

Beta Testers Needed for Online Marketing Product

Create Profitable Marketing

As some of you may already know, we at DIYdigi have been working on a mystery project that we are quite excited about. The project is the creating of a DIY (Do It Yourself) methodology that can be used to create profitable marketing, hence the name of the endeavor is Create Profitable Marketing.

A System for All Who Need it

The time is ready for an undertaking like this since it is imperitive for a business that they have access to some kind of marketing to succeed. Before “Create Profitable Marketing” online marketing was out of reach for the average business. But upon the completion of “Create Profitable Marketing” at this system will be available to all who need it.

How to Do Online Marketing

CPM is working closely with “How to Do Online Marketing .com” to be certain to include the latest tools for success. Thus, many of the the elements in the hierarchy of 3 toolkits involve some of the classics like Email marketing.

How to Become a CPM Beta Tester

We need beta testers, so if you are interested and are a member of our email subscribers, simply hit return when you see this. If you are not a part of the family, we ask that you sign up for our valuable weekly newsletter. And then when your first email comes to you, you can then return the message.

Individual Aspects

Let us know of your interest. Initially we are not testing the product as a whole, but are breaking the toolkits into individual components, so you may be asked to test just one or more features of the kits that include Beginner, Semi-Pro and Professional.


Email Marketing and Breaking the 4th Wall

Wikipedia defines email marketing as being:

“The act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It involves using email to send advertisements, request business, or solicit sales or donations.”

Does Email Marketing Work?

So, according to this definition, it seems that an aspect of this process is to hopefully get new clients as you build the trust with your readers. The reality is that this is very difficult to do. And people are hesitant to hire someone they meet through email or the internet.

The Truth Behind Email Marketing

Truth be told, most clients that I have gotten have been through referrals. In other words, a trusted friend and not an email list brought customers to me. It has only been a small percentage of jobs I’ve done that have actually come from the web, organically speaking. Meaning, without purchasing ads and just relying on keyword placement.

And Example of When the Internet Came Through

An example of one of these clients is someone who came to me from a VERY NICHE website that I had at the time about having marketing services for actors which I used to do a lot of. Anyway, someone had searched keywords like “actors demo reels” and so on, and had found my site. This person also joined my email list which did help to reinforce our relationship.

Low Expectations, But Still Useful

I don’t have an expectation that through our email list that we will get that many clients or if any at all. So why then do we do our newsletter? First off we enjoy the process of doing it and second of all it adds “credibility” to those referrals we get. Also email marketing does help to position you as an expert which is very important.

Exciting New Product

All that said, we have a new product coming out soon that we believe has the potential to sell itself. It is at the moment a service that is needed but is currently underserved. More to come on that soon!

Why the 4th Wall?

To me breaking the 4th wall is letting you in on things that have worked for us, while you simultaneously have the potential to one day become one of our clients. It could happen! Anyway, we shall see…


Education Has Changed

A sight we may not see again soon. No social distancing!

Changing the Face of Education

It is now very different from what it was. Education that is. It has been mostly moved to digital due to COVID-19. This means from kindergarten to college, all via Zoom and other conferencing platforms. I have a daughter in middle school and they have gone all digital. Fortunately she likes it. One of my nieces who goes to a major college university and is making do.

Daughter in Digital School

But not all are so lucky. There are those institutions that are having a very trying time with online education. My wife and I are happy our daughter is not one of them.

Working on Online Courses

Even continuing education is going the digital route. Both myself and my brother are creating online courses that when delivered to students will be via the web.

Words of a Founding Father

So how will this evolving approach to education impact the industry in terms of teachers’ employment? Some approaches use pre-recorded lessons, meaning the teachers are needed less as well as in some cases are not needed at all. This will greatly affect the bottom line of some educators. But we believe that what will always be true is this credo by one of our founding fathers:

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin

Might Mean Better Shot at Employment for Educators

Mr. Franklin’s quote seems to imply that people learn most in an interactive or workshop fashion. This take on education in order to be realized would seem to necessitate that live teachers are used.

How Does this Impact You?

What does this mean for you? It could translate into our now being even more required to take control of our education. Are you currently taking a digital online course? If not, you might want to think about doing it, especially if you have some aspect of knowledge you need to flesh out.


It Doesn’t Interrupt You

The light went on with the success of our Online Marketing eBook Series.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” -Robert Louis Stevenson

Three Faves

When I was 8 years old I had two favorite people: Jules Verne and Harry Houdini. Jules Verne mostly for my favorite book at the time which was “Mysterious Island” which was originally published in 1874. This was kismet because Harry Houdini was coincidentally born in the very year that “Mysterious Island” was first published, yes, 1874. During this period I also liked Robert Louis Stevenson and his books. In fact, all I did during my 8th year was to research these three.

Planning for the Future

Years later I am still influenced by Verne, Stevenson and of course Houdini. I take Robert Louis Stevenson’s suggestion that you be planting seeds along the way. I try to do this in my work, and it is suggested that you consider doing it as well, if you aren’t currently doing so. This means to me, “planning ahead” becase it can be very tempting to live just in the present, but the future will be upon you sooner than you think.

Online Only

So far the free eBook “How To Do Online Marketing” has been a hit in conjunction with developing our newsletter. at There seems to be an interest in online marketing as opposed to digital marketing. Online marketing is a subset of digital marketing and happens exclusively online. While digital marketing can be online and offline with digital billboards and such.

No Interruptions

Also, as we’ve discussed, online marketing is more the basics of digital marketing, not necessarily using some of the annoying tracking mechanisms that digital marketing uses. Online marketing adheres to principles that include only showing what you seek out seeing rather than interrupting you online while you are trying to do something else.


Keeping Your Creativity Alive

Growing your creativity can be hard enough without all the challenges of planning getting in the way.

John Lennon said it best in the lyric of song. My brother reminded me that the name of the tune is “Beautiful Boy,” from Lennon’s last album before he passed called “Double Fantasy.”

“Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans” – John Lennon

And this can be true for many in terms of their creativity. They keep pushing off the day when they are actually going to be creative. They need to get everything together first, buying the right supplies, creating the correct environment and making sure that everything is “just so.”

Maybe Start a Blog

For creatives or wanna be creatives, this is merely making plans while life keeps happening throughout. Now I know many of you will take me to task, saying that you do indeed need certain props, equipment, conditions to do certain creative processes. We don’t dispute this. But you can start working even before you have all these elements. Keep a blog for example. Working on your blog is creative and can even help you track your progress.

Is Planning Creative?

Some will dispute that writing a blog about your creative process is just as creative as gathering together the materials you need in order to create. A blog merely makes the process into something that others can share.

Are You Being the Right Kind of Creativity for You?

We don’t disagree with this. If gathering together materials in order to down the line being able to create, can itself be creative. In which case maybe you are a creative planner and not so much a creative doer. Both are creative but chances are you don’t want to be a planner but would prefer to be a doer. If this is the case you may not be, being as creative as you can be!

The Choice is Yours

Look, it’s really up to you. Want kind of a creative do YOU want to be?! When answering this question please don’t judge yourself because no one really knows what “Being Creative” actually means! Ignore everything you just read and do what is right for you!


Listen to Oprah

How has your 2020 been thus far? In this post we talk about the meaning of success Oprah style.

“If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough.” -Oprah Winfrey

Ideas for Growth

Oprah is extremely successful it appears on all levels. She is very wealthy, seems to have ended her battle with food and it looks like she has a good personal life. In so many ways she has succeed and from this we can get ideas about our own growth.

Are You Unaware About Your Success?

When talking about marketing we tend to look at the result but not how the result makes you feel. Are you proud of what you have done? Or do you just write it off as not being enough?

What Happens When You Make Something Happen?

We are not saying that you should not remain hungry. You need to have a taste for being a strong pursuer. But you can do this without having to be unsatisfied when you make something happen.

A Shot at Happiness

As you have probably heard many times, it is important to live in the present. If you do that you will get the best of all possible worlds. When you are “conscious” and acquiring material success along the way, you have a much better shot at happiness.


What the Coronavirus Can Mean for Your Business

Reaching your customers with a digital solution from

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.” -Steve Jobs

Is Your Business at Risk?

You thought the Virus was being contained. That’s at least what you were told by the powers that be. But unfortunately it continues to spread endangering the lives of you and others as well as putting your businesses at risk. What you?

Digital Transformation

There is something that you have probably heard of but may not have thought about it seriously then. We are talking about Digital Transformation.

On Your Own or with Help?

Digital Transformation means transforming your analog business into a digital one. You can do this transformation process on your own or seek out the consultations with of organizations such as our,

Put Your Processes Online

When we say Digital Transformation we do not mean that you must make all of your business web based, we are merely suggesting that you put as much of the processes of your business online.

In short what we are saying is inspired by Steve Jobs’ use of the phrase “Don’t be trapped by dogma.” And the dogma of the past is not that of the present. It’s up to you what steps you take now.