You will likely see your success rate going up if you use email marketing.

Determine Who Your Audience Is

Do you know what a lead magnet is? It is a metaphorical “magnet” for drawing toward you potential customers also known at prospects. The idea is that in some manner you get in front of your audience something that they want and then give it to them, often via email marketing. Email marketing is the use of getting customers’ and prospects’ email address in exchange for something like a desired eBook, video or podcast etc.

Find or Create a Lead Magnet

For this to work effectively, you have to have something that you can give out for free but that is attractive to your leads. The classic one is the use of an eBook that has information in it that is of interest to your future clients. But how do you do this exchange of email for eBook? One of the most used and effective means is that of setting up on your website the mechanism to be able to automatically get someone’s email which is followed by the delivery of the media they want, in this case eBook.

The Two Things You Need

For this approach you need two things: internet traffic and an eBook that solves the pain point that someone has. In other words, it works best if your prospect is somehow in distress. Maybe she or he wants a better job and is seeking education, or needs to know how to do something and so forth. There are various methods for getting web vistors. One is organic through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) while the other can be paid ads.