Date Nut Bread Day

Today we celebrate “National Date Nut Bread Day.” That’s right, this is quite a juxtaposition against yesterday which was “Winter Solstice Day.” We have now landed upon a date (pun not intended) that celebrates breads that combine dates with nuts and are a terrific gift for the holidays. Though sadly, there won’t be as much Date Nut Bread shared due to the Pandemic.

DIY Digi Day?!

But Date Nut Bread is not the end all be all of this day. Some say that today is also “National DIY Digi Day” celebrating the autonomy of those businesses that utilize DIY Digi in their marketing, DIY Digi standing for “Do it Yourself Digital.” Of course, this itself could be marketing hype, in other words a celebration date (again pun not intended) that is self serving for those in our society who empower their clients with Do It Yourself Digital and have been known to give date bread as a gift.

Deserving of Having a Holiday Named After it?

National Date Nut Bread Day? DIY Digi Day? How these two holidays began we may never know, but one thing that does resonate as maybe being deserving of having a holiday named for it, is the fact that when was formed, one of the key concepts of its origin was to create marketing that did not feel like marketing. Another deserving factor of DIY Digi is the desire, in keeping with the “USA Make a Difference” approach, to strive to make a difference and pursue substance over flash.