Two Sites Where CAUSE Marketing is Being Discussed

The development of the eBook “Home Based Business CAUSE Marketing” has been handed over from DIYdigi to members of the marketing community that are calling themselves “Home Business Achievers.”

What is a Home Business Achiever? It is something that often those who are, know they are. But what about those with potential? Will they ever have the confidence of being a full blown HBA? Our response, though controversial, is “yes.” How? The approach of “how” is really quite simple. It has to do with not counting out those who are insecure of their abilities or who are unsure they are fit for the online world of home business achievers.

There is a large amount of info out there on how to be successful with marketing, but very few of these techniques look at the human emotional side of creating promotions. Many of us have zero confidence unless we are affirmed. Yes, this most likely comes from a less than stellar childhood. But that was then. So what now? Easy: encouragement.

There is a fine line between helpful encouragement and urging on the unqualified. That said, we still believe that everyone should have a shot. And two publications that look at things from a warm and fuzzy perspective are Coronavirus After and Create Profitable Marketing.