Valentine’s Day is Approaching and Anyone Can Have a Voice

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. And we believe that something to love about this country is that, for better or worse, anyone can have a voice. This is in part true because “do it yourself digital” has become the norm in these ever-expanding times of new ways to exercise your creative muscle. Pre social media one could not so easily express themselves, but now anyone can have a voice if they want to.

Misuse of Voice

With this easy access comes the call for using digital tools responsibly. While on the one hand communication for the positive have reached new heights, on the other side of things there are those who use their new voice for the purpose of hurting others while hiding in the shadows.


A couple of sentences on a website are not going to be enough to make a difference in the scheme of things, but conversely, if only one hater thought twice before hating, it would be more than worth it.