Creating and maintaining a blog is truly is as easy as 1,2,3

Step 1. Make Your Blog
Step 2. Market Your Blog
Step 3. Repeat

What You Do or Want to Do

YOU are a big part of your blog, so to keep it simple you need to define your job name so viewers will get to know and trust you because of you being consistent and specific about what you do. You can select one from our short list of just a few types of digital jobs with which you can potentially define yourself. Or, you can use a different title of your own invention or profession. Select your job name here from this list of potential digital jobs that may fit you and what you do or want to do.

Will the Expert Please Stand Up

Please note that all these jobs can be done online in terms of serving clients. And of course, if you are already an expert of some sort, use that as your job name. Otherwise this list can be a jumping off place. Bottom line is that you are selling yourself and your digital products and services so think of your expertise or selected job name as a way to signal to the reader the kind of products and services you have available. If you are not the expert, someone who you are working with should be.

What is YOUR Solution?

An expert can solve the problem of the reader. And Please select no more than 3 job names to describe what you do. You can have a myriad of products and services but should keep the description of your job(s) short. For example, I am an eBook Writer, Online Course Creator and Blog Network Maker. I actually do a lot of other things, but I generally keep it down to those three. It is all about that you, because of your background or those of members of your team, can help your future client with a solution to something they need to stop the pain and/or require to help them achieve something.

Okay, now that you’ve defined yourself, let’s move on to officially starting the three part process. The methodology is…

Step 1. Make Your Blog
Step 2. Market Your Blog
Step 3. Repeat

Make Your Blog

Making your blog and how it looks is important. You can go with the “busy looking blog” which we sometimes use if there is lots of material to integrate. Or. the “Less is More Blog.” Remember that there are two basic ways that people will be looking at your blog. It is either on a desktop/laptop computer or on a device such as phone or tablet. Research shows that more than 50 percent of online visitors are viewing your blog using their phone and the number is only growing.

The good news is that you can have a blog made for you (or make it yourself) that can be separate from your website. The reason for considering having a blog separate from your site, is that you can focus it on having good information that draws readers who then can be channeled to your site to purchase your products and/or services.

For example, our main website at the moment is DIYDigi, but because we are Blog Network Makers we can offer information at several blog locations all leading back to our main site for purchasing of our Blog Toolkits. The “DIY” in DIYdigi stands for do it yourself. Or you also have the option of DFY (Done For You). This goes for our Blog Toolkits which we can custom create for you. And if desired we even offer Website Maintenance Services.

Market Your Blog

Marketing Your blog is a process that involves Website Maintenance Service. At least one of the pages of your blog should be fully updated per month. A campaign can be built around the content of that page such as a new product or service. This updated page can then link to your blog and vice versa. Your eMail Newsletter can draw it’s content from your updated page. And as you update the amount of email subscribers you have, you will have an ever increasing number of people tuning in to you and your information and offers. You should be always striving to have the best and most useful content possible which is something we, on an ongoing basis, are always striving for.


Repeat is going back to your blog and updating a page on it, then leads to marketing that includes what we have specified and beyond. Types of marketing and marketing tools that DIYdigi offers include Blogging, Strategic Consulting, Digital Downloading, Email Acquiring, Online Analyzing, Quiz Creating, SEO Mazimizing, Slider Developing, Video Producing, Web Designing and Web Hosting.