There is a Way of Building a Community around Your Brand that You May Not Have Thought of…

Your Digital Solution is a Click Away

The Secret is in the Name

You have heard it again and again, but we are going to do it anyway. What again? A reminder that DIY Digi stands for “Do it Yourself Digital.” Why is this important to remind you of once more? Because in this day and age, DIY when it comes to using digital tools, is very possible for anyone to do, including if you have no “digital skills.”

This is a Time of the User Revolution

What do we mean by that statement? We mean that in many areas of the digital domain, experts are getting pushed out of jobs because the direction of digital is to make it simple for the every day consumer,. And this in turn gives that customer savings since they can do it themselves without having to hire someone else to do whatever the task is they need done.

Now You Have the Magic

The magic is that with a very short learning curve you can wield the digital sword. The allows you to assess what your choices are on any given project. You being in control allows you to have a more simple methodology to get a blog post done.

You Do not Have to Rely on Anyone

You posses the secret to getting things done digitally, but there is another item that is confidential, and it too can be done easily.

Pulling the Curtain Away to Reveal the Secret

A terrific secret to building your audience and customers to have an APP. Yes, yes, you have heard it too many times. We understand. Most businesses have once or more been approached to create and app for them. There are two good reasons why you do not have to say “Yes” to the individual trying to sell you on hiring them to build the application for you.

First Reason to Not Say “Yes” and Instead Say “No”

Do you know how very free of stress it is now to develop an app? Check it out. First, doing a search online could lead to you to free app opportunities. But check them out carefully. You always have to ask yourself “What is in it for them, the app development tool makers?” So, searching is one way to go. Also, check out the provider of you site or blog. You might be surprised that the very program you are using for your site could also be used to make an app! As of this writing, this is not a widely done thing, but we can say this. The program that dominates the web builder market can be used to make your own app.

But More Important than the Technical Aspects of Actually Making Your Digital Tool is this…

Okay. Let us say you have created your app or are in the process of doing so. Here is a concept you may very well know. But we are bringing it up here because some will not know it.

What are we talking about?

What we are speaking of is the very basic and extremely obvious function that could transform your business forever! Get ready to be “underwhelmed” by what we are about to say. We ask that you please think a moment about what we are saying. Sure it is obvious. Sure it is nothing new. But actually doing it is something out. Remember the app? You know, the one you created yourself using the world’s most popular website builder?

Food for Thought

All right. Here it is. When making the app design it in some way, potentially with a website tied in, that fosters community. That is it. It is actually a breeze to do when creating the app. What is going to take a bit more effort is making sure to drive traffic from whatever sites you have to the app page, maybe on your main site. And in case you do not have more than one site, not to worry. There are a zillion blog sites, website creation pages, etc.