You Need to Work on it Full Time

You are not alone if you are not getting the kind of results from social media that you need. The truth of social media is that unless you work on it full time, interacting with other brands, it doesn’t really work. It is very difficult to get consumers to your social media site. The people who will visit your social media are usually going to be your existing customer base. This means that although your social can be a way to keep your customers close to you, generating new business with completely unknown prospects is not likely unless you work on it full time. And most small businesses may find it too costly to get a full time social media person or to do it themselves.

You Need to be Available to Answer Questions

What does this mean? Should you call it quits with social media since it only really allows you to communicate with other customers, the answer is “no.” It is still a good format that can help you keep clients interested in wanting to work for you. That’s right, you can retain your customers with social media for free, you just need someone to be available to answering questions on an ongoing basis.

Driving You to Ads

Also the truth of social media is that because most platforms want to make money with their site, they make it increasingly more difficult to get results. Why? Because you cannot reach new customers due to the fact the reach organically (no ads) is intentionally getting less and less so the platform can put you in the position of needing to purchase advertisements.

Know Your Audience

The bottom line is that to get new customers using social media is that you will likely have to pay for it. For example, Facebook made it increasingly more difficult for your business to bring in new prospects. But if, for example, you pay for it,, you can get results. This is because you can be very specific with them about who your your ideal clients. So if you do, do ads, make certain you know all the details of who you’re trying to get as your customers. Know your audience.