Have you solved all the puzzle pieces needed for your marketing efforts.? You may be missing an important elements which just might be what you need to be more complete marketing-wise.

Investopedia’s definition of a marketing strategy is:

A marketing strategy refers to a business’s overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into customers of the products or services the business provides.

Consider an Influencer

It’s who you know that can be an important component for those who market to consumers. If you know, or are willing to pay, influencers who have an audience, this can be a big part of your marketing strategy. Why? Because if an influencer is your ally (or paid consultant) you can reach your consumer market. And if your influencer can act as a spokesperson for your brand, all the better.

What Solution Do You Provide?

Needless to say this means selecting an influencer who’s fan base matches your marketing needs. Also, with influencer help, and as it goes for anyone marketing their products and services, you need to think in terms of being a provider of a solution.

Are You a Pain Reliever?

No, we are not necessarily talking about selling aspirin. You are in business because you provide solutions. And the most effective solutions are often those that not only tackle a particular issue, but also relieve pain. Because studies have shown that a pain relieving solution can often get a better result than one just solving a non-pain relieving problem.

Stand Out from the Competition

And if you are fortunate enough to not only be solving a problem but also to be uniquely qualified to solve this problem, be sure that this fact has a lot so do with your message to your prospective customers.

Celebrate Your Weirdness!

And if you and your company are a little offbeat, this can actually help you make sales, especially if you are able to convert your unusual nature into a comedic message of some sort. Why can this help? It assists you in differentiating your organization from others. Props to those who are a little “weird!”