Response From Readers

This is going to be a very short post in response to what few readers have been curious about: the technical portion of writing an eBook. We will likely in the future write in more detail about the nuts and bolts of eBook creation but below are a few places to start.

It is Simple

There are two basic formats you can provide to your client/customer with, in terms of eBooks. Kindle and PDF. There are actually more mediums of eBooks, possible, but those are the ones we are going to focus on.
We could go on in a long description about creating eBooks, but it is really a pretty simple process.

Different Formats You Can Use

If you want your eBook to be sold on Amazon you are going to need as a submission format, Microsoft Word. There are several ways of ending up with this file format of course, including using the free Google Docs and then converting the file to Word when you download it. You can submit your eBook to Amazon in this format and they will accept it. Nothing could be easier!

Selling on Amazon

No need converting it to Kindle format yourself because Amazon will do it for you. Be sure to check out the conversion when it is done, because if the formatting is really bad, doing it yourself is an option. Regardless of how you get there, Kindle is the format needed to sell your eBook on Amazon.