DIY Digi

The original concept behind this site was DIY Digi which when putting in the full-length words means “Do it Yourself Digital.” Not a bad concept really, but time has told that the idea of DIY (Do it Yourself) does not necessarily meld well with the digital domain. It is not super simple. It does take work. And a lot of people do not necessarily want to put in the arduous work. Understandable in this fast-paced time we all live in. But instant gratification has never ever not been a desire. The idea being the search for the easiest way to do things. Who can blame them really? And marketers take advantage of this belief system and searching for the simple solution. So, those who do copywriting for blogs and other marketing opportunities, use emotional words to evoke a response such as…

Fast, Easy, Effective and Cheap – Is this Really Possible?

Marketers like to use buzz words like fast, easy, effective, and cheap because it paints a better picture in the mind of the potential customer of your wares. Amazingly, even after years of use of these and other words, emotional words still tend to work because ultimately when we make a purchase, it is based on emotion.

Emotion? What is Meant by the Word “Emotion?”

What do we mean by “based on emotion?” Any purchase, whether it be for yourself or someone else, as practical as we might think we are being, emotion will overwrite common sense. Not to say you do not include features first, of course you do. But you will imagine your positive experience with it.

Search Engines can Be a Great Tool

This musing over what the product will do for you is an emotional one. This means then that you might want to consider your journey to start to get what you desire for your writing business, to be inclusive of words that bring out emotion. You can find such words list after list, with just a simple search engine query.

The Process of Writing Your “How To” eBooks

Primarily, when you are deciding on the industry that you will primarily target with your books, you are taking care of yourself if you choose a topic you like, at least a little bit, but hopefully a whole lot. Another aspect to make the process easier, is if you are an expert in that field.

Get the Edge Over Your Competition

Why is it helpful if you are consultant worthy in your area of sales? Remember that you are using this methodology to help you build visibility both for your business and your connection to it. Hence it gives you an edge over other similar authors who may, in a fashion, be competitors.

Things are Good if You are an Expert in Your Field

Also, if you are a lightning rod in your industry, you deserve to do as a favor to yourself, hiring you as the figurehead of your business. This can help you get the ball rolling. Use your expertise or do research on it.