Marketer Magician Helps You Market Your Journey Using Imagination

Market Your Journey

I sometimes call myself Marketer Magician and what I do for you is to help you market your journey. What is the key component to making this happen for you? It is imagination. This post is going to be less about Marketer Magician and more about the imagination process needed to market your journey

One of my favorite Einstein quotes is:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. – Albert Einstein.

In fact, as a kid I had a poster with that quote on it on the wall in my room.

Utilize Your Thoughts

With everything I did as an adult, that quote followed me, lead me, inspired me. It was clear to me that in order to create something new, you needed to use your imagination. This meant you had the protentional to create something totally new, which even if this never happened, having that as an outlook allowed you to freely think about topics and have a fresh approach to utilizing your thoughts.

One of the definitions of imagination from is:

“The faculty of imagining, or of forming mental images or concepts of what is not actually present to the senses.”

This makes sense to me because sometimes it is never quite clear where ideas come from. Sometimes you can be inspired by something you see, but other times you imagine something that does not appear to be connected to anything you’ve seen or accomplished.

Drawing From One Another’s Work

But imagination is not process limited to be enacted by just one person at a time. Sometimes groups form a contingent to come up with a solution. If a certain topic gets multiple people to put forth ideas, the solution can on some occasions be found in a combination of the ideas presented. Seeing how the ideas connect takes its own form of imagination. Therefore the solution would not have been possible without various individuals working together or drawing from one another’s work.

Inspiration Source

My experience with imagination is being able to write without knowing in advance how I will approach examining a specific topic. This is useful when writing posts like this one because I am not limited by just what research shows me but can sometimes use researched items as a jumping off place of inspiration that may or may not actually impact what I write. And to the naked eye may or may not seem connected. We are all inspired in one way or another to the world around us, and we may or may not be conscious of what those inspirations are.

Seeking Solutions

A part of the beauty of imagination when paired with creativity and a committment to manifesting an external item of some sort, is that you can have two or three or more additional concepts that seem completely unrelated and then find relationships between them that might not have previously existsed prior to you imagining them. This is a powerful process when you are looking for solutions to problems or even just writing for entertainment purposes.

The Power of Imagination

Imagination can be very valuable in business, an undertaking that relies heavily on having a proprietary aspect. Having something proprietary means that a business can differentiate themselves from other businesses and therefore often get business because they are different. This can lead to having more profit because you might be solving a problem that others can not because of your relationship with imagination yourself, or the imagination of others.


This approach of bringing something to being in business, as can be seen is quite useful and can make all the difference for a company. Of course it is not just the person who comes up with the important idea who is needed, also important is the individual who applies a practical application of the concept. Because of the exciting new online tools available, the person doing the imagining and the person doing the implementation can be one and the same individual. This can involve introverts who prefer to be the solopreneurs, and work as entrepreneurs in this manner

And Thus it Is

And thus that is how imagination can be used by Marketer Magician to help you market your journey and have all the success you deserve. If you are reading this in newsletter form please hit ‘return” and we’d be happy to help you.