Growing your creativity can be hard enough without all the challenges of planning getting in the way.

John Lennon said it best in the lyric of song. My brother reminded me that the name of the tune is “Beautiful Boy,” from Lennon’s last album before he passed called “Double Fantasy.”

“Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans” – John Lennon

And this can be true for many in terms of their creativity. They keep pushing off the day when they are actually going to be creative. They need to get everything together first, buying the right supplies, creating the correct environment and making sure that everything is “just so.”

Maybe Start a Blog

For creatives or wanna be creatives, this is merely making plans while life keeps happening throughout. Now I know many of you will take me to task, saying that you do indeed need certain props, equipment, conditions to do certain creative processes. We don’t dispute this. But you can start working even before you have all these elements. Keep a blog for example. Working on your blog is creative and can even help you track your progress.

Is Planning Creative?

Some will dispute that writing a blog about your creative process is just as creative as gathering together the materials you need in order to create. A blog merely makes the process into something that others can share.

Are You Being the Right Kind of Creativity for You?

We don’t disagree with this. If gathering together materials in order to down the line being able to create, can itself be creative. In which case maybe you are a creative planner and not so much a creative doer. Both are creative but chances are you don’t want to be a planner but would prefer to be a doer. If this is the case you may not be, being as creative as you can be!

The Choice is Yours

Look, it’s really up to you. Want kind of a creative do YOU want to be?! When answering this question please don’t judge yourself because no one really knows what “Being Creative” actually means! Ignore everything you just read and do what is right for you!