It is challenging here in NYC.

If only it was as easy as putting it on a t-shirt, but the complications continue.

Where are They Coming From?

Yes, it is challenging here in NYC, especially in Manhattan, the cultural center of the America. Everything has been set upside down by both the Coronavirus as well as the protests/vandalism/thefts. In terms of protests alone, they have been going peacefully, but it’s still a problem in terms of vandalism/theft. Toward the end of curfew (here it is 8:00pm EST) people pull up in Mercedes and other expensive vehicles all over the Big Apple and let out the crew. This crew then proceed to, well, do vandalism and theft.

On a Schedule

Last night it was raining hard so there wasn’t as much action on the streets, but New Yorkers are feeling fearful nonetheless. The anger has built up in some locals, plus there is now an “anything goes” mentality. Our mayor, who I sadly voted for (twice), is doing nothing but stirring the pot. He is unwilling to bring in any help, so it just keeps getting worse and worse out there, even when the protestors/vandals/thieves are not putting in time.

Top of Our Game

So even though “phase one” of the unlocking of lockdown begins June 8th, we know how dangerous it is out there still. There is justifiable anger being felt that is causing some people to commit crimes they wouldn’t have until now. You see it is currently acceptable to use blades, guns and even fists. So what about It’s still going quite well because we have clients from all over America, some in states where they’re not having the same troubles we are. We are top of our game despite the setbacks.