It Doesn’t Interrupt You

The light went on with the success of our Online Marketing eBook Series.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” -Robert Louis Stevenson

Three Faves

When I was 8 years old I had two favorite people: Jules Verne and Harry Houdini. Jules Verne mostly for my favorite book at the time which was “Mysterious Island” which was originally published in 1874. This was kismet because Harry Houdini was coincidentally born in the very year that “Mysterious Island” was first published, yes, 1874. During this period I also liked Robert Louis Stevenson and his books. In fact, all I did during my 8th year was to research these three.

Planning for the Future

Years later I am still influenced by Verne, Stevenson and of course Houdini. I take Robert Louis Stevenson’s suggestion that you be planting seeds along the way. I try to do this in my work, and it is suggested that you consider doing it as well, if you aren’t currently doing so. This means to me, “planning ahead” becase it can be very tempting to live just in the present, but the future will be upon you sooner than you think.

Online Only

So far the free eBook “How To Do Online Marketing” has been a hit in conjunction with developing our newsletter. at There seems to be an interest in online marketing as opposed to digital marketing. Online marketing is a subset of digital marketing and happens exclusively online. While digital marketing can be online and offline with digital billboards and such.

No Interruptions

Also, as we’ve discussed, online marketing is more the basics of digital marketing, not necessarily using some of the annoying tracking mechanisms that digital marketing uses. Online marketing adheres to principles that include only showing what you seek out seeing rather than interrupting you online while you are trying to do something else.