That Thing

It Came Quickly and has Stayed

I went outside with my family to test going to the park. The test failed. Most were not wearing masks, nor were they practicing social distancing. And they were sweating and coughing. I also went outside once to get a root canal by a dentist down the street. So that’s just two times in the past several months that I’ve been somewhere else than our apartment building.

But I’ve been busy. Doing work for clients and personal projects. Ultimately the personal endeavors connect to being for clients also, in the form of tools to get more clients and keep the ones I currently have. How about you? Have you stayed indoors the whole time or are you someone who has ventured outside on a regular basis?

And school is starting soon for my 11 year old daughter. And I am worried. She really wants to do hybrid learning with one week being in-person at her school, then one week with distance learning. I would prefer her to stay home with her studies. But I understand, she misses her friends. So ultimately I wrote down hybrid on the survey. We’ll see…