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Is Social Media Worth It for Your Business?

Who Are You Trying to Reach?

Depending on who you are trying to reach, staples of social media included Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Give the Right Impression

If you know why you are using social media and believe it still gives you a result, there is not harm in using organic (non-paid) social media in the conventional sense. But you need to have a plan and consistency of use, so your customers see you as stable and on top of things.

Less Reach is a Problem with Organic

A less than specific social media presence is likely to not be worth doing. you see, as mentioned social media platform creators are in business too. The business of selling you ads since you don’t get as long of a reach.

Reach Your Demographic

See it from their perspective. As discussed, when they give you less reach you will become more likely to buy ads from them. Additionally, because people give a lot of their information when signing up for a service, this is more sales data that can be used working with customers who are trying to reach a specific demographic.

Are You Willing to Pay for Ads

In short what have we learned about making use of social media to make more money? It is to have a strategy as to why you are using it coupled with considering purchasing some ads. So, the secret being revealed here is have a strategy for using your traditional social media and being willing to pay for ads.

Don’t Get Hurt

How will you make money from this? You will have your organic structure of why you are using traditional social media. But again, be consistent. Because quite frankly if you are not operating with a disciplined strategy, updating at least weekly, your social media will hurt you more than it will help you.

Best of Both

That said, the combination of organic social and paid social is the best of both worlds. Your traditional social can be a way to link to updates of your website, interacting with customers.

Let ‘Em Know You Know Your Stuff!

Your paid social needs to at the very least get you new email from prospects that over time you can convert them to being customers because you will be in touch with them by email weekly, or at the very least, monthly. Though, some folks that you get from your paid social, will be willing to buy your product or service right now. If possible, what you initially want them to buy from you is an eBook you write that is available on Amazon Kindle. Why a book? Because it helps position yourself as an expert. It makes future clients more likely to buy from you because you clearly “know your stuff.” More on how to write and eBook and publish it is coming in future lessons.

Get Money!

So, there you have it, the partnership of organic and paid social media that can make you money instantaneously or get you prospects on your email list. MONEY now as well as later!