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How to Write an eBook

Emailing your prospects an eBook, can provide incentives to work with you.

Your System’s eBook

One question that we get a lot is about not being sure how to write an eBook that is used in conjunction with their email marketing system that is used to get the prospect’s email to then give them an eBook.

Writing eBook Content

But how do you write an eBook if you have never written one before? They are two answers to the question, of which you can choose your favorite. First is taking a look at you and your knowledge for writing such a book.

Pour Out Knowledge

Are you an expert in your field? If yes, writing the eBook is as easy as pouring out some of your knowledge onto the page. With your first draft do not worry about the spelling and grammar, because you can always go back and edit what you have written. Don’t give too much information about how your industry works, but enough to satisfy the person who will eventually get the eBook. They need to feel that when signing up for your newsletter and getting your eBook that they are receiving something of value.

Seek Out Experts

The second way to get information for your eBook is to do phone interviews (converted to writing) of experts in your field. If you go this route you could even do a digital download of the audio rather than doing an eBook. A final note on the eBook is that it is a good idea to offer your subscriber a format they can read the publication in, such as PDFs.