DIYdigi for Digital Educators

Digital educators make a living teaching others useful techniques like “Do it Yourself Digital” also known by its short name, diydigi. But as times get tougher for these teachers because of the backlash created by COVID-19 and its variants, some have lost their high paying consulting jobs and other educator gigs. Can these digital educators use the same “diydigi” strategies that they teach their clients to secure their own employment opportunities?

Have You Thought of This? Seriously Though About It?

A way of making a living that some internet instructors are having success with, is obvious yet not so apparent, because it is well…In your face! Entrepreneurship concepts that are very well known as ways to make an income are often overlooked. You know, like “The Purloined Letter.” Lots of us who teach others how to leverage the web have all thought about doing it at one time or another but ultimately, the conclusion we come to is that it is just a pipe dream sold to newbies.  We are talking about starting a digital download store on the web where you could sell digital products like eBooks, online courses, memberships to membership to your membership website, podcasts and so on. I know. I get it. I can visualize how several of you are likely doing the finger in mouth thing that means “gag me.” Sure, you’re thinking that anyone who attempts it ends up failing, right?  No. Most these days are smart and do their due diligence and research into finding out if there is really a hungry market for the information products you want to offer. Or, if you are really smart about it, you find something, anything, that people intensely want to learn about but nobody is teaching. That is the smart way to start a digital download store.

Why Not Try This?

As an educator you already have a source of educational content, yourself. And for some, creating an online store of this nature provides a strategy to promote themselves which could eventually lead to virtual or even in-person bookings. Creating content is not always easy and takes time, but according to conventional wisdom, if you engage web surfers in your story and get them to sign up for your free weekly email newsletter, you will then have a forum where you can update your email subscribers about both the creating and premiering of your educational products. In no time you will have a following and a nice income stream that can lead to even more consulting and educating gigs. That’s the standard way of thinking. But it is always good to mix it up and be different. Rather than giving away things for free to anyone visiting your site, consider charging for your newsletter, only subscribing those who buy something from you. Wake up kiddo and stop begging people to accept your free things. Charge them and they will respect you more, plus you’ll feel better about it too. People, don’t forget. It’s what you do for a living.