Can an influencer help you get more customers?

Why Get an Influencer?

If you are like many folks with blogs, you would love to be able to increase your viewership on social media. This can be an easy task if you know how. One of the best methods for increasing your social following is to pay those with a lot of traffic to talk about your product or service and give links to your social or even your website/blog itself.

Driving Traffic

This is an idea that may not be for everybody. Some may not have the money or feel awkward doing something like this. First off, it is less expensive than traditional advertising and is usually more effective. It all has to do with finding the right influencer for you. Is their audience the same as your audience? Do you have a “hook” for the influencer that will help her or him drive traffic to your social or site?

How Many Followers?

This brings up another question that people have which is “How many followers should an influencer have?” We go back to examining what your needs are. You could conceivably have an influencer who has only 1,000 followers, but because it is a perfect match audience-wise you are more likely to get a result from them than an influencer who has 25,000 followers.

Check out Engagement

You also need to figure out what an influencer’s engagement is for her or her audience. Are people posting a lot on this influencer’s social media? Do comments seem to show an interest in the topic that the influencer is about? Is this a good group for you? Do they have viewers who ask questions that relate to what you offer?