As much as we might complain about it sometimes, digital is a gift. It makes positivity possible, and like any force, how you use it is what matters most. If you are older it may all seem mystifying, but the good news is that it is really not all that different than technology as it once was many years ago.

People are still people and their needs haven’t really changed a lot from the “Good Old Days!” Sure, there are some ways digital can be negative, seeking you out, trying to pull you into a danger zone. But this kind of thing happened way before digital: you feeling out-of-sorts and in a new strange life.

If digital is an issue for you, like many things, beating it means integrating it and therefore not being afraid of it, because it is has become a part of you. But even if it lurks in your inner mind, you now have the power to overcome it. Because remember, digital is a gift. It makes positivity possible.