Your Story and Ours

Marketing Integration

As you have gotten to know by this time, online marketing is different from digital marketing in that it takes place ALL online. Whereas Digital Marketing includes things like outdoor billboards, subway ads and digital signage. We do online marketing, though, with a small amount of participation with a client’s social media assets. This is because we believe that our clients, who are small business owners and those with entrepreneurial ventures, know their customers best and therefore should be the ones interacting directly with consumers. Though, that said, the customized online marketing that we create for you, dovetails and integrates quite nicely with your social.

The Importance of Your Story

But ironically, it is something that is non digital that is one of the most important components of your marketing arsenal. We are speaking of course about “your story.” Every business has a story of how they came to be and customers want to know your story because it makes them trust you more due to the fact they learn how you started your business and what you are all about. Think of it this way, how does someone become your friend? It’s getting to know everything about that person. And the same goes for your business story.

Tell Us Your Story

What is yours?! We really want to know!