Visitor Go Away

We are all in the grasp of an undesired visitor. We tell this visitor to go away, but it makes no difference, the visitor remains.

We know in our gut that the only hope to rid ourselves of this visitor is to do something different, take a calculated risk. We have decided to do so.

Even though this entry is short, we are hoping to be able to reveal our cure to do away with the visitor. By the way, this visitor is not Covid.


Your Mission


I was helping out a company today with refining their mission. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have or entrepreneurial venture that you have embarked on. You need a mission.

Components of Your Mission

A mission states your purpose and defines you goals for the customer or client. It is actually much more than that, which if we had more time to work on this blog we would give you a list of components.

A Promise

A mission is a promise that you make to your client regarding the ways you are going to serve them and be consistent about. Have you written your mission?


eBook in Development

Being Away Makes a Difference

Our last post was on Friday and it is now Monday. We have decided (at least at the moment) of being like other people and take the weekends off. It is interesting to note that you get, at least for us, a feeling of disconnect in terms of the process. It is almost as if we have to get our chops back up, despite only being away from the process for just a few days.

What it is About

We should mention that this past week as been the start of us writing an eBook about – what else -marketing. Specifically marketing during this time of the pandemic and violence in our New York City neighborhoods. It is marketing made for an uncertain world by focusing on “Cause Marketing” that is marketing that gets its message across in cause oriented way.

Writing Schedule

We worked all last week, each morning early for Monday through Friday, ending up with the equivalent of one fourth of the work for the eBook. To be more specific, we are writing just 500 words per weekday, or 2,500 words per week and 10,000 words per month. 10,000 is the smallest amount possible for a nonfiction eBook. Though, we can’t help it, and are ending up with more than just 500 words per day.

Possible Long Term Plan

Our ambition, if the first eBook goes over well, is to write a new eBook each month and either make them available on a third party site or possibly eventually get an eCommerce location on one of our participating blogs in the Blog Coalition.