Cause Marketing

Wikipedia defines cause marketing as being marketing done by a for-profit business that seeks to both increase profits and to better society in accordance with corporate social responsibility, such as by including activist messages in advertising. So, it truly is a win-win situation where an important message is gotten out in conjunction with your business thriving.

It has been proven that if done correctly, cause marketing can make over 90% of your current customers or your future ones see to see you in a positive light, making it more likely for those who are not already working with you, to make the change to becoming your clients, leaving your competition behind. Studies have revealed that consumers are more likely to go from one brand to another if the brand they have switched to are seen as being helpful with their community both online and off.

A common strategy for big businesses is that for every one of their products sold, a certain percentage number is given to an organization with a good cause. But of course, this isn’t always possible for a small business, that in these challenging times may just be holding on by a thread. But for businesses like this, there is another strategy: having employees volunteering for things like feeding the homeless. Of course, these days, with being in a pandemic, make it difficult to do such things without being at risk.

So, another strategy is for your business to spread the word about good causes through your marketing. In this scenario your advertising, publicity and promotions, all include a look at a relevant issue that you want to bring to attention with the general public. That way you get across insight into an important issue while also promoting what you do.

Or another approach is to have employees engaging with assistance to the donation arm of a nonprofit. Such as doing a gesture of some kind for which they are sponsored by their friends and family with the raised amount given to the charity. The key in situations like this is to make visual your employee’s activities and include photos of the event in future promotions.

So, as you can see, due to the looting, destruction of property as well as the virus, most activities currently for safety reasons need to be done digitally. This means featuring your activities in some of the marketing means we have covered already that includes email marketing in which a newsletter not only presents to your subscribers with information that was their incentive to join in the first place, but also documentation of how you and company has been helpful to society.

But what if you are a solopreneur or very small business? You can become a resource for newsletter subscribers of stories that possibly include a volunteer component but can also just be about positive things that are happening in the community both offline and online. As we have covered, if your business is able to operate in part or in its entirety through a digital means, all the better.


Hinting on the Internet

Mission and Vision

There has been a lot of hinting on the internet as of late regarding our process to create and work toward the debut of a new awards show and how it is going to be presented through its mission and vision. Writing a mission and vision turns out to be harder than we had thought it would be.

Living Up to a Decade

Our challenge in coming up with a mission and vision for our new awards show is that it is an outgrowth of a popular annual show that ran for ten years.


We take our responsibility in this reimagining of this awards show very seriously and therefore don’t know how much longer it is going to take.


Will DIYdigi Make the Adjustment Needed in the New Revolution?

Is a part of the shift in the new-new USA wearing a mask?

New, New Paradigm

It certainly looks like DIYdigi is making the adjustment needed in the new revolution. They, just like USA Online Business and others are realizing we truly need a new paradigm in a NEW way!

Take the Pulse

A lot is going on in our country right now. You are either in or you’re out or you’re somewhere in between. What does this have to do with marketing? We need to take the pulse of what is happening.

Dive deep?

What will we discover if we dive deeply into all sides of the question: what now?

Education Methodology

Developing a Real Life Way to Market Your Business

DIYdigi can help you develop your marketing plan so that you can DIY (Do It Yourself) in terms of your marketing efforts or have them facilitate your promotional efforts.

Developing a 5 Step Marketing Plan is an organization that is dedicated to helping businesses and those with entrepreneurial ventures to develop their ability to create profitable marketing. In other words, being empowered to put together a solid marketing plan. The dirty secret of businesses today is that they never took the time to think through their marketing. What’s the point of putting much effort into building your business if you have no customers? If you are new to owning a business or have been around for a while but are running short on customers, one type of marketing plan might look something like this:

  1. Strategy Building
  2. Targeting Your Ideal Customer
  3. Competitor Research
  4. Sales Funnel Creation
  5. Setting Marketing Goals

Strategy Building

This is the “How” of your marketing equation. How are you going to get new customers. If you are a web-only business, this means being able to implement online marketing in a manner that is well though through and targets your ideal customer. The thing to be aware of here is that marketing stragies continually evolve just as technology continues to evolve, so it is important to continually check websites that keep their finger on the pulse of evolving marketing technology such as The very name of makes clear what it does which is to assist you to bring forth Do It Yourself Digital to answer the question of where your customers are located online and how to get them coming to your website.

Targeting Your Ideal Customer

A lot is said about the idea of targeting your ideal customer but you’d be surprised by the amount of people who don’t know who their ideal customer is. Although it would seem to be a no brainer to know who your perfect client is, more often than not do businesses really don’t understand the the answer to this question. Chances are that your business is providing a solution to a problem. This would mean that your best customer would be a demographic of people who have the problem you solve and are actively trying to discover a solution, in other words YOU!

Competitor Research

Again, it would seem to be obvious what someone should engage in competitor research but not everyone does. This undertaking has to do with focusing on other businesses who go after the same customers that you do. You want to be clear HOW they are doing what they are doing, and the specific strategies they are using to gain patronage. Once you figure out the answers to how your competitors are acquiring prospects you can potentially integrate some of their strategies but also should be coming up with approaches that go beyond the marketing design they are using.

Sales Funnel Creation

What is the journey that your customers will undergo to find you and how can you facilitate this process so clients find you on a regular basis. This means putting yourself in the place of your customer. If you have done the research to understand who your customer is, look at the pathway she or he might take to find your business and buy from you. What are the channels this individual would take to get to you. Do you have a clear sales funnel in mind of how those who you are selling to can go from point A to point C and so on.

Setting Marketing Goals

This means scheduling the times that you will implement your decided upon method of acquiring your clients. Ask yourself how often will you need to be actively developing new customers so you have a steady stream of them. This involves looking at areas of promotion that we have elaborated on thus far including strategy building, targeting your ideal customer, competitor research and sales funnel creation. How long will you need to accomplish your marketing goals? What is the schedule you will make for yourself in order to realize your promotional process?

Final Thoughts

To succeed with your marketing you might consider unique organizations such as DIYdigi that is a collective of freelancers with the expertise needed to help you through these steps. But because of the DIY in their name that stands for Do It Yourself, ultimately you will be the person to make it happen based on the input that your freelancer will give to you. In the beginning of this post we asked the question:

What’s the point of putting much effort into building your business if you have no customers?

You need to carefully go through the steps given to develop your own personal methodology to hook and draw in the people that you want to, so that they can purchase your products and/or services.


CREATE Your One Page Marketing Plan

Do You Have a Marketing Plan?

Why do you need a marketing plan? A marketing plan is a roadmap to follow for your business or entrepreneurial pursuit. This kind of plan gives you a clear view of your methodology and if written and utilized properly can take your business to new heights.

Broad Strokes

A short version of a marketing plan is one that is only a one page long and shows in broad strokes the steps you need to follow to get results.

Components of a One Page Marketing Plan

According to Wikipedia The one page business plan will often include these elements:

  • Mission Statement
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Analysis of Marketing Objectives
  • Targeted Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Mix
  • Implementation

Action Steps

A one page marketing plan is a variation on your more in-depth blueprint for promotional success. can help you with your marketing plan as well as creating for you the online tools you need to succeed as seen at

Education Methodology

Beta Testers Needed for Online Marketing Product

Create Profitable Marketing

As some of you may already know, we at DIYdigi have been working on a mystery project that we are quite excited about. The project is the creating of a DIY (Do It Yourself) methodology that can be used to create profitable marketing, hence the name of the endeavor is Create Profitable Marketing.

A System for All Who Need it

The time is ready for an undertaking like this since it is imperitive for a business that they have access to some kind of marketing to succeed. Before “Create Profitable Marketing” online marketing was out of reach for the average business. But upon the completion of “Create Profitable Marketing” at this system will be available to all who need it.

How to Do Online Marketing

CPM is working closely with “How to Do Online Marketing .com” to be certain to include the latest tools for success. Thus, many of the the elements in the hierarchy of 3 toolkits involve some of the classics like Email marketing.

How to Become a CPM Beta Tester

We need beta testers, so if you are interested and are a member of our email subscribers, simply hit return when you see this. If you are not a part of the family, we ask that you sign up for our valuable weekly newsletter. And then when your first email comes to you, you can then return the message.

Individual Aspects

Let us know of your interest. Initially we are not testing the product as a whole, but are breaking the toolkits into individual components, so you may be asked to test just one or more features of the kits that include Beginner, Semi-Pro and Professional.


It Doesn’t Interrupt You

The light went on with the success of our Online Marketing eBook Series.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” -Robert Louis Stevenson

Three Faves

When I was 8 years old I had two favorite people: Jules Verne and Harry Houdini. Jules Verne mostly for my favorite book at the time which was “Mysterious Island” which was originally published in 1874. This was kismet because Harry Houdini was coincidentally born in the very year that “Mysterious Island” was first published, yes, 1874. During this period I also liked Robert Louis Stevenson and his books. In fact, all I did during my 8th year was to research these three.

Planning for the Future

Years later I am still influenced by Verne, Stevenson and of course Houdini. I take Robert Louis Stevenson’s suggestion that you be planting seeds along the way. I try to do this in my work, and it is suggested that you consider doing it as well, if you aren’t currently doing so. This means to me, “planning ahead” becase it can be very tempting to live just in the present, but the future will be upon you sooner than you think.

Online Only

So far the free eBook “How To Do Online Marketing” has been a hit in conjunction with developing our newsletter. at There seems to be an interest in online marketing as opposed to digital marketing. Online marketing is a subset of digital marketing and happens exclusively online. While digital marketing can be online and offline with digital billboards and such.

No Interruptions

Also, as we’ve discussed, online marketing is more the basics of digital marketing, not necessarily using some of the annoying tracking mechanisms that digital marketing uses. Online marketing adheres to principles that include only showing what you seek out seeing rather than interrupting you online while you are trying to do something else.


Your Finger on the Pulse

Keeping your finger on the pulse is not easy.


Of course as a business owner you want to make a profit. You want what you spend on your business, in tandem with the care you put into it and delegation to others, to result in, well, results. But this does not always happen. A common syndrome that occurs to even the best of us, is not to update our strategy and still expect the same outcome.

The Next Big Thing

Business is advancing in its methodology at an incredibly fast rate. What worked yesterday, may not work tomorrow, which can in a large way affect your bottom line. The solution of course is that while you are working a current approach, as a leader you need to be searching for the next big thing.

Looking at Things Objectively

The reason that things evolve businesswise has to do with many factors, an enormous one that is technology itself. As new methods are uncovered, they are used by technology companies to compete. Soon an entire series of several businesses are employing these new tools for their process while the next one is soon behind it. In order, as a business owner, to be ready for the upcoming technique is to pull back from your business at times and look at it as objectively as you can.

Avoid Devolving

The pattern you don’t want to fall into is one of spending more now to get the same result you got yesterday. You can avoid this by keeping your eyes open through research involving trade publications and studying others in your industry. This will help you form a strategy that is uniquely your own and protect you from devolving.


Introducing DIYdigi

What is DIYdigi?

DIYdigi was created because there was a need for more “Do It Yourself Digital.” Needed are digital solutions that you can do on your own since you are the most passionate one about your career or business.

Tools Followed by Taking Action

Also, we decided to do things a little differently, which was to help you initially with the creation of your necessary digital tools so that you can concentrate just on your marketing strategies and not have to worry about the technical aspects. Then, once the internet marketing arts tools have been created, the marketing begins! And the cool thing it answers the question “How to Get New Customers.”

Dovetailing with Social Media

Although our USA Create digital solutions do not involve the upkeep of your social media, they do dovetail nicely with it. Chances are you already have some social media platforms for you career or business and with DIYdigi tools can amplify them, to make them stronger. Just as an aside, there are a lot of programs that can help you with your social media including  HootSuite or SproutSocial to schedule updates to all your social platforms. This is a great way to save a lot of time.

An eBook Checklist Might be Helpful?

If you are interested in getting the ultimate of your DIYdigi solution and desire to make all the tools yourself, you can get an ebook checklist of 19 tools for free. You may not need all 19 of DIYdigi Online Marketing Arts Tools, but having a PDF eBook Checklist can be helpful in your decision making.

Be Sure that You’re Up for the Challenge of Fame

Other free stuff you’ll receive for joining the Club is a 10 day email marketing course. DIYdigi tools means do it it yourself digital tools to get new customers or even become famous online if you are interested in this. Remember for all the good that taking the steps to become online famous, there are also downsides. When you become a public figure you become a target for negative publicity, bullying and defamation of character. But paraphrasing what Madonna once said “Don’t read what they say about you.”

Art or Science?

what is one of our definitions of marketing and how does it related to getting new customers? We believe that to get new customers you need to offer your product or service to people who need what you offer the exact moment they need it. This is always our main goal when creating DIYdigi tools. Online Marketing Arts got the word “Arts” in it name because we at USA Create believe that marketing is not just a science but is an art just like any art form. This is because there is a strong creative component as well as the involvement of psychology. And this art form can help to get you new customers.

Optimize for Mobile Phones

We also believe that Entertainment Entrepreneurship should also be integrated into the internet campaigns you create. That’s why our partner, has as its description “Marketing empowerment through entertainment with a mobile phone focus.” The term “mobile phone focus” is an important one because according to a recent study by Zenith Research Group, Inc., is that mobile phone use is 80% of all internet use! This means that if your website is not optimized for mobile phones you are losing out big time!