Making a Difference

Two Peas in a Pod

To make the Smothers Brothers proud, the Stamas Bros have up their sleeves an entertainment project that involves giving props to the Smothers Brothers. Don’t know of the Smothers Brothers and how they were cancelled? Here’s a section of an article that was published by CBS:

“CBS abruptly yanked “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” in April 1969 because of their persistent and humorous opposition to the Vietnam War, support of civil rights and tweaking authority. They welcomed controversial anti-war guests and resisted efforts to censor the show.”

After reading the the above and realizing the landmark impact the Smothers Brothers have had on society, the Stamas Bros, thus intimidated , have changed gears. This is seen per the links below.

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Stamas Bros .com

DocuMystery .com