Three Quickies

No. Not that. But hopefully almost as fun and rewarding. These three might win the award for short blog posts. But what is lurking behind these tiny blog entries is a lesson: “do it fast if you can (no, we don’t mean that!).”

How to Do Online Marketing.

How to Get New Customers.

Market Your Journey.


Getting Your Vision “Out There”

Watch Out for Sublimation

Many of us are searching for our best work. The hope for a time that brings about, us crystalizing our ideas had for a span of several years. Although it is too early to come out and say this directly, it is possible that we may have at the very least, uncovered the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The goal is to reveal our vision before it melts!

Get in Before Closing Time

Not that our ideas are cold, far from that, but there is still the fear that this insight may have a window. Only had for a certain amount of time before the shutters close for good.

Stay Informed

We are up for the fight and will bring you news as it develops in the form of our newsletter.


Developing Marketing Experiment

We are doing a marketing experiment as a big and important (to us) campaign. Our focus is on developing some new sites, then making these sites into participants. In short, we are going to give 3 choices to the web visitor and will document through analytics which link is the most desired.

Why do we do experiments? We do them in order to better equipped with knowledge that in turn will make it possible for us to create content in a manner that is most favored.

It is going to take a while to get this project up and running because there are three new sites that are needed and unfortunately our bandwidth is at its limit. When things settle down a little bit we’ll get right to it. So checkback often!