Yianni Stamas Looks at the Relationship Between Date Nut Bread and DIY Digi

Date Nut Bread Day

Today we celebrate “National Date Nut Bread Day.” That’s right, this is quite a juxtaposition against yesterday which was “Winter Solstice Day.” We have now landed upon a date (pun not intended) that celebrates breads that combine dates with nuts and are a terrific gift for the holidays. Though sadly, there won’t be as much Date Nut Bread shared due to the Pandemic.

DIY Digi Day?!

But Date Nut Bread is not the end all be all of this day. Some say that today is also “National DIY Digi Day” celebrating the autonomy of those businesses that utilize DIY Digi in their marketing, DIY Digi standing for “Do it Yourself Digital.” Of course, this itself could be marketing hype, in other words a celebration date (again pun not intended) that is self serving for those in our society who empower their clients with Do It Yourself Digital and have been known to give date bread as a gift.

Deserving of Having a Holiday Named After it?

National Date Nut Bread Day? DIY Digi Day? How these two holidays began we may never know, but one thing that does resonate as maybe being deserving of having a holiday named for it, is the fact that when was formed, one of the key concepts of its origin was to create marketing that did not feel like marketing. Another deserving factor of DIY Digi is the desire, in keeping with the “USA Make a Difference” approach, to strive to make a difference and pursue substance over flash.


Three Creators

Hello. Welcome to another edition of our Creative Weekdays. In this edition we’ll be looking at three artists who are different from each other both in terms of the mediums they focus on as well as their visions.


USA eLearning

Bigfoot Zombie


Spirituality Versus Marketing in 3 Steps

It is an interesting threesome this morning, three blog posts which are a part of our parent organization and keeper of blogs: Blog Coalition. Each of the entries represents a step toward enlightenment? Hmmm. I don’t know, but we will find out. Here is the order to tune in and see.

As I write this I see my wife with swatter in hand seeking out a cockroach she noticed and now wants to kill. She keeps trying to fool the bug, but each time she is ready to crush it, it vanishes from view. Such is an aspect of having the privilege of living in the greatest city in the world. Does this relate to the blog posts below?

Art Gush

NYC Workshops

USA How To


Today is a Big Day for

DIYdigi wants to shake the hand of those who helped with the transition but since we are in a Pandemic the only shake possible is a symbolic one.

Hello out there. It’s been a bit of time that we have seen each other on such a regular basis. How long will DIYdigi be the satellite for Blog Coalition in terms of hosting its posts on a daily basis? It is unclear the amount of time that this will amount to, but it can be said that DIYdigi believes that they are the best choice because of their specialty in both DIY (Do It Yourself) combined with digi (Digital Marketing).

Here is the Blog Coalition list of sites to keep an eye on because of their collaborations and growth:

Create Profitable Marketing




Digital Downloads

With Digital Downloading you have the option to instantly provide your customers with what they have purchased via making it possible for them to download their product then and there.

Products include eBooks, audio files (music, podcasts etc.) as well as video files (“How Tos, Films etc.).

There are benefits for both you and your clients. They get their product instantaneously while you with no effort, possible even while you sleep, can deliver the digital goods to them.

Another benefit is that you never have to restock digital downloads because like any file, it is copied again and again as each customer makes a purchase.


Too Soon to Jump In

Students Graduating from High School are Unprepared

It is unfair that the student who wants to start their own business or home business must jump into the swimming pool of reality unprepared. It’s too soon to jump in if you haven’t been exposed to the right education programs that give you a head start without having to learn everything from scratch.

Apple for Teacher

There was a post today at The Big Apple Awards” website about the need for entrepreneurship and home business training in the current educational context, with urgency coming from the fact that this area needs to be taught now!

Needed Now

It is no longer practical for fleeting mentions. Home Business and Marketing are key components needed now in an outdated education system.


More on Promoting Your eBook

Get in their face with your eBook sales.

They Can Not Wait to Buy It

Promoting your eBook can be a lot of fun and if you do it correctly then you can be financially rewarded as well. It is assumed when you wrote your publication you took into mind the reaching of a demographic that needed your information. The more urgent the better because then your solution will be sought over and when a member of the public comes across your eBook for sale, that can’t wait to buy it.

Solution or Pain Stopper?

Reverse engineering is not a bad idea. Find a market that either needs a solution to a problem or to stop the pain, and author your work directed toward the audience you selected.

Best Selling Preposition

Your sales and marketing methodology is based on your confidence in your marketing. If you have it in-focus then self hosting the eCommerce is a good idea. If your promotional plans are not quite tight, consider selling it on a genre related site.


How the eBook will be marketed.

Distribution and Sales of the eBook

We are overseeing all the aspects of the creation of an eBook including, content creation, eBook cover as well as the distribution and sales of the eBook.

The Importance of a Purchase Being Made

Sales and distribution are interesting steps in the creative development of something creative. That creative product once created needs to have a brand awareness and forms of media built about that will be strong enough to make someone want to buy. Ultimately it is about having the customer make the purchase.

We Will Keep You Updated

In order to achieve this we are well aware that it can sometimes take over 10 times of exposure of a product, for an actual sale to happen. Once the book has been completed and we begin testing with some new media promotion tools. We will keep you posted on what is working and is not working.


Why Start a Home Business?

Realization that We Had Been a Home Business

As someone who successfully ran a business in the heart of Manhattan, NY for 12 years, I didn’t realize it at the time but I was running a home business. Yes, we did have an office that we were based out of, but for all intents we were a home business because there was one person, the business owner, and others were freelancers, We had no actual employees.

Join the Club

Since the time of doing our business things have gotten even more exciting, because home businesses are now starting to help other home businesses who fulfil services they need of each other. It’s kind of like a home business club.

We’d Love to Hear From You

Would you like to be a member of the club? Let us know. Also, to answer the question of “Why start a home businesses?” The answer is simple: freedom. You become your own boss. This comes with downsides too, which means you are responsible for your business. But we believe the benefits outweigh the negatives. Do you have a home business? If so, we’d love to hear from you!


Working on eBooks

As some of you know, we are currently working on a number of eBooks. They are taking a long time which is fine because we are by no means ready for the sales platform we will be using. We are thinking of a couple different options and if you’re someone out there who has had a good experience with a platform, please let us know.

Although moving at a snail’s pace it is turning out to be a lot of fun putting on the page what we mostly used to teach live.

One blessing in disguise is that out of the Pandemic and all the other negative stuff that has been happening, digital education is succeeding big time.