Media and Its Impact on Your Small Business

To be fair we are not taking a look at social media, which is really just a category of media. Instead, we’re looking at media itself, in all its various forms, and how it could be impacting upon you and your business without you even knowing it. The links below become a bit esoteric at times, but we sincerely hope you get something out of them.

Movie Process




Disneyite, Entertainment Entrepreneurship and Artist Steps

Three Rungs in a Ladder

We’re here today to briefly talk about being a Disneyite who likes Entertainment Entrepreneurship and who is taking Artist Steps.

Charge It

We are talking about someone who loves Walt Disney who is an entrepreneur and uses entertainment steps to take her or him to the next level. The power of DIYdigi is that you can connect together any random influences to charge your electric car.

What You Need to Do

But what if you do not have such a car? Can you still be a Disneyite who uses Entertainment Entrepreneurship and Artist Steps to succeed? Of course you can! The lesson here is that whatever your truly BELIEVE can come true.

We now bring you the three contacts that we were talking about:


Entertainment Entrepreneurship

Artist Steps


The Theme is Magic

Invent Mentalism

Magic Neighbors



Holding the Magic

I know that I hold the magic in my hand today. Why? Because one of today’s links that I will be sharing with you leads to the idol in my life. Check out all the links of course, but especially number 3.

Become a Mentalist

Harry Potter Fan Club NYC

Houdini Day

Creativity Education

How to Write an eBook

Emailing your prospects an eBook, can provide incentives to work with you.

Your System’s eBook

One question that we get a lot is about not being sure how to write an eBook that is used in conjunction with their email marketing system that is used to get the prospect’s email to then give them an eBook.

Writing eBook Content

But how do you write an eBook if you have never written one before? They are two answers to the question, of which you can choose your favorite. First is taking a look at you and your knowledge for writing such a book.

Pour Out Knowledge

Are you an expert in your field? If yes, writing the eBook is as easy as pouring out some of your knowledge onto the page. With your first draft do not worry about the spelling and grammar, because you can always go back and edit what you have written. Don’t give too much information about how your industry works, but enough to satisfy the person who will eventually get the eBook. They need to feel that when signing up for your newsletter and getting your eBook that they are receiving something of value.

Seek Out Experts

The second way to get information for your eBook is to do phone interviews (converted to writing) of experts in your field. If you go this route you could even do a digital download of the audio rather than doing an eBook. A final note on the eBook is that it is a good idea to offer your subscriber a format they can read the publication in, such as PDFs.


Art Gush Gushes

One Person

Even though Art Gush now has a focus on consulting regarding eBooks, there was a time when the entire site was committed to the now infamous experiment where he looked into whether it was possible or not to be able to make a motion picture that aside from the actors, could be created by simply one person.

Something New

Those were the days when Art Gush Gushed. When the exciting sense of experimentation was in the air, and you could come back to this site each day and find something new was here.

Yearning for Exploration

Those days are over though, at least for the moment. The new “eBook” A.G. is doing well, but sometimes I yearn for that gush.


Keeping Your Creativity Alive

Growing your creativity can be hard enough without all the challenges of planning getting in the way.

John Lennon said it best in the lyric of song. My brother reminded me that the name of the tune is “Beautiful Boy,” from Lennon’s last album before he passed called “Double Fantasy.”

“Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans” – John Lennon

And this can be true for many in terms of their creativity. They keep pushing off the day when they are actually going to be creative. They need to get everything together first, buying the right supplies, creating the correct environment and making sure that everything is “just so.”

Maybe Start a Blog

For creatives or wanna be creatives, this is merely making plans while life keeps happening throughout. Now I know many of you will take me to task, saying that you do indeed need certain props, equipment, conditions to do certain creative processes. We don’t dispute this. But you can start working even before you have all these elements. Keep a blog for example. Working on your blog is creative and can even help you track your progress.

Is Planning Creative?

Some will dispute that writing a blog about your creative process is just as creative as gathering together the materials you need in order to create. A blog merely makes the process into something that others can share.

Are You Being the Right Kind of Creativity for You?

We don’t disagree with this. If gathering together materials in order to down the line being able to create, can itself be creative. In which case maybe you are a creative planner and not so much a creative doer. Both are creative but chances are you don’t want to be a planner but would prefer to be a doer. If this is the case you may not be, being as creative as you can be!

The Choice is Yours

Look, it’s really up to you. Want kind of a creative do YOU want to be?! When answering this question please don’t judge yourself because no one really knows what “Being Creative” actually means! Ignore everything you just read and do what is right for you!