Accept Change

If You Were Recently on the Web Design Magician Site, the Topic is Old (Literally)

The topic is not just old, it is literally so. Meaning that it is about negativity about old people. Like the saying goes, “It is getting old ,” the U.S. Ageism against the old. Despite the fact all of us get old eventually, agism is alive and well in America, as many of you over 50 are discovering. Over 50, and especially over 60, are not being treated nicely, especially in incidences where a younger person is making a decision regarding you.

Of course, not everyone under 50 is an ageist. And amazingly there are lots of people, in their 50s, 60s 70s and so on who are ageists too?!

But what can you do if you are over 50, went back to school, got your Masters, and now are back in the employment pool? Don’t hold your breath. Get out of the swimming pool all together because there are members and Gen Z, and even older members of Gen Y, who can do laps much faster than you are able too. And for that reason you will not be making the swim team

But just because you are away from the water for fear of the deep end, there is hope, but only if you are willing to dive in. How can it be done? With a strategy of course. Ten step action plan to be precise. And once you have the steps all you have to do is follow them. Takes a lot out of the time wasted on guest work. But what are these steps?

We are not going to give out the exact procedure and follow-through because it will only be available at Method How, which does not even have a presence on the web yet.

If you eventually do get your hands on a ten step strategy to take your business to the next level, we will say this. We are certain that many small business owners, or even those who are just starting a company, might look at the ten steps with the reaction “I already know that,” and then would dismiss it.

That is why it is so effective. It is hiding in plain sight. Especially not visible to people over fifty. Why? These are tried and true strategies we have learned in the past, either through starting a company or trying to get a promotion at a job.

But that does not mean, even for a moment, that this list of ten action steps in the form of a strategy is not effective. Far from it. In fact, if you follow what is written, to the letter, you will get where you want to go in life and work, quickly and efficiently.

Can it really be that simple? Yes. It can. And it is. But again, do not think of it is as not worthwhile, just because it is virtually effortless in comparison to what you are likely putting yourself through now. Middle Age to Golden Years, you truly can make the latter sparkle. Not sure you believe that? Is this all a mystery? Check out DocuMystery.

Accept Change

Do Not Trade Time for Traffic?

Don’t Pay Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

If you are a reader of Digi Refer and found us through them, we are sorry to say that you may have made the click to us a waste of your time. Just as they do not have the answer, we do not as well.

As I understand it Digi Refer is making the move from “workers for hire” to offering “alternative” marketing services. So hence, the proprietor of that fine establishment was chatting with Marketer Magician and the two of them arrived at the question:

“Is there actually a way to avoid paying those high fees for ads at search engines and social media platforms?”

They came to the conclusion “Probably not.”

So, goodbye. Best to Say that.

Why? Because unless some kind of “higher morality” drives you (or at least you think it does, but that is probably not true either), you might as well just give in and play the game the way it is supposed to be. You are more likely to get “proven results” results and may even be willing to give social proof in the form of a testimonial for the ones pulling your puppet strings. Most of us do that anyway.

No Answer Here. Period.

I do not have an exact answer for how to not have to pay mega bucks for ads yet still get decent traffic that converts web surfers to customers. I can say this though, that if you add – dare I say it out loud – “Email Marketing” to your web tool kit, you can leverage that a lot more than you might think.

Okay, the somewhat dumb (I am not going to say outright stupid) approach, is to use the passive strategy. You know the one usually suggested. SEO, SEO oh and did I mention, SEO?

SEO is Like Having Fast Growing Hair when All You Really Want is a Haircut

Not the best analogy, sorry. But although SEO in a number of cases can actually worth, it is a game of constant “keep up” because what gets you search engine optimization today, my not, tomorrow. Because it is only logical that there can be no evergreen strategy.

Do You Know Why?

Because search engines and social media platforms, as Digi Refer already established today on their site, are in the business of advertising. They are not in the business of giving free traffic. Why? Because that does not pay their bills. They may give you a little in here, and another over there, just to look like they are playing the game fair.

Something to Answer

But ask yourself this question, if you owned an advertising agency, would you just hand over your secret keys to your income to others? Of course not! The point of being in business is to have collected the most amount of the treasure by the end of the day. Right?!

So it is like that with search and social. They need to sell ads. They do not want to give up SEO for free unless it makes them look good as a part of a marketing campaign to seem “Truthful and Trustable.” Hey sure, they’ll throw SEO a bone once in a while to keep up their heroic image of being “For the People by the…?

Okay. Okay. We know we are sounding too cynical. How can a person be truly happy if they do not believe in hope, goodness and humanity? If deep down you are not as rough around the edges as you might seem and instead do still have some hope for the human race, if you become a parent you will find it again. You have to. You want to. But that is fodder for a different post.

Stepping out of the pink cloud and jumping back into “reality,” before we leave you we want to bring to your attention Home Business Achievers.” In fact, you might be one. If so, we admire your continual climb up the mountain of finding customers.

HBAs have to figure out how to be proactive and not shell out the bucks for ads. They simply cannot afford it. So, although this might not ultimately the right path either, consider trading time as your methodology, for having a workable way of getting traffic to your site. Just a thought.

What are YOU Going to Do?

Are you going to buy ads from Search Engine and Social Media Platforms? Or are you going to, as asked in the heading of this blog post, going to trade your time for traffic? And just a reminder, if you chose to “trade time for traffic,” in the end you are still working for Big Brother because the time you are spending is trying to rank for keywords in the sandbox known as…Search Engines and Social Media Platforms!

It might be helpful to hear the opinions of Home Business Achievers.