Blog Coalitions and How They Can Help You

Why Join?

If you are a blogger and are a member of a blog coalition, you likely have discovered its benefits. When we get asked by someone if we think they should join one, our answer always is “Why would you join?”

Contact Matching

The answers given back include “For co-promotions,” “For comradery” and “For the prestige.” All these answers are okay, but in our opinion, based on the work we’ve done with, the main benefit seems to be, being able to link blogs to each other when having the right content match.

Your Blog Coalition?

The Blog Coalition has over 50 blogs in their network. That is enough for finding some kind of content matching in 1 – 3 publications. This has helped us build our visibility, meaning they write about us and we write about them. If this is of interest to you, check out the Blog Coalition.