If You Know How

WizNYC Talks About You Being Able to Do Amazing Things in Business and Marketing On Your Own, If You Know How

Astonishing and Awe-inspiring You

Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is WizNYC which is short for “The Wizard of New York City” and as such, I am an advocate for magicians’ rights and edit a newsletter about business marketing magic.

Feel Life-changing and Jubilation

One of the key solutions I have been feverishly working on is to develop a way that entrepreneurs and artistic souls who want to promote themselves, can, by being helped to break through the menacing wall of technology.

It’s Mind-blowing If You Know How

You can save a lot money on your business and marketing campaigns and strategies if you know how. Consultants and Marketers do not want you to know this. Why?

Power-up for Sensational Savings

Because if you know how to do something that normally you would pay a consultant and marketer to do, such as strategizing, website updates, email marketing, blogging and more, they lose income and you save.

Uplifted and Hopeful in this New Time

Things have changed, and many digital marketers and other online freelancers did not get the memo. This truly is the age of small business owner technological empowerment.

The Key to Victory and Confidence

Technology can make it easier to do many things in business and marketing. And if you know how, you can do more tasks technically and creatively such as developing your own strategic campaigns.

Your Adventure of Higher Achievements

So, you might be wondering, how do you transform “If You Know How” to “Know How” thereby being able to start on this digital journey? In order to make that happen for you requires a process of its own.

To be continued.

Steps to Create

Steps to Create a Post

I Need It

Admittedly I am writing an entry entitled “Steps to Create a Post” because it is past the time that I usually do this kind of thing. And when it reaches this stage of the day, although there are tasks I can still implement, writing a post is not one of them. I hate to say it, but age does seem to coincide with energy and productivity. Energy especially. I am now older than I ever thought I would become, and the engine at present is slowing down far earlier than it would have even 10 years ago. But straight ahead I go, writing a post entitled “Steps to Create a Post,” that as you can see is ironic because I myself need to embark on steps to create a post. But I am putting this together with hopefully, some value to you. Here are the steps to create a post:

To begin, ask yourself “What is something of interest to your prospects?

What do they want?

What do they desire at this exact moment?

How can you give them what they want but do so in a way that no one else in your industry has done before?

Once you know the unique idea that your site content will be written about, break it down into 3 steps as follows:

Step 1 is to establish the problem that your prospects have this is solved by your product.

Step 2 is to show them steps to create an outcome they need, by using your product.

Step 3 is CTA (Call to Action) and then repeat.

That’s it. That’s the whole thing.

Of course you will need to tweak it so that it is a good fit for your industry.

Thanks so much for reading this far. I hope this helped you in some way. And even if this information is nothing new to you, my wish is that it reminds you how very simple this process really is.


How Can Digital Educators Make a Living these Days?

DIYdigi for Digital Educators

Digital educators make a living teaching others useful techniques like “Do it Yourself Digital” also known by its short name, diydigi. But as times get tougher for these teachers because of the backlash created by COVID-19 and its variants, some have lost their high paying consulting jobs and other educator gigs. Can these digital educators use the same “diydigi” strategies that they teach their clients to secure their own employment opportunities?

Have You Thought of This? Seriously Though About It?

A way of making a living that some internet instructors are having success with, is obvious yet not so apparent, because it is well…In your face! Entrepreneurship concepts that are very well known as ways to make an income are often overlooked. You know, like “The Purloined Letter.” Lots of us who teach others how to leverage the web have all thought about doing it at one time or another but ultimately, the conclusion we come to is that it is just a pipe dream sold to newbies.  We are talking about starting a digital download store on the web where you could sell digital products like eBooks, online courses, memberships to membership to your membership website, podcasts and so on. I know. I get it. I can visualize how several of you are likely doing the finger in mouth thing that means “gag me.” Sure, you’re thinking that anyone who attempts it ends up failing, right?  No. Most these days are smart and do their due diligence and research into finding out if there is really a hungry market for the information products you want to offer. Or, if you are really smart about it, you find something, anything, that people intensely want to learn about but nobody is teaching. That is the smart way to start a digital download store.

Why Not Try This?

As an educator you already have a source of educational content, yourself. And for some, creating an online store of this nature provides a strategy to promote themselves which could eventually lead to virtual or even in-person bookings. Creating content is not always easy and takes time, but according to conventional wisdom, if you engage web surfers in your story and get them to sign up for your free weekly email newsletter, you will then have a forum where you can update your email subscribers about both the creating and premiering of your educational products. In no time you will have a following and a nice income stream that can lead to even more consulting and educating gigs. That’s the standard way of thinking. But it is always good to mix it up and be different. Rather than giving away things for free to anyone visiting your site, consider charging for your newsletter, only subscribing those who buy something from you. Wake up kiddo and stop begging people to accept your free things. Charge them and they will respect you more, plus you’ll feel better about it too. People, don’t forget. It’s what you do for a living.

You Have a Voice

Today You Can Have a Voice

Valentine’s Day is Approaching and Anyone Can Have a Voice

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. And we believe that something to love about this country is that, for better or worse, anyone can have a voice. This is in part true because “do it yourself digital” has become the norm in these ever-expanding times of new ways to exercise your creative muscle. Pre social media one could not so easily express themselves, but now anyone can have a voice if they want to.

Misuse of Voice

With this easy access comes the call for using digital tools responsibly. While on the one hand communication for the positive have reached new heights, on the other side of things there are those who use their new voice for the purpose of hurting others while hiding in the shadows.


A couple of sentences on a website are not going to be enough to make a difference in the scheme of things, but conversely, if only one hater thought twice before hating, it would be more than worth it.


Yianni Stamas Looks at the Relationship Between Date Nut Bread and DIY Digi

Date Nut Bread Day

Today we celebrate “National Date Nut Bread Day.” That’s right, this is quite a juxtaposition against yesterday which was “Winter Solstice Day.” We have now landed upon a date (pun not intended) that celebrates breads that combine dates with nuts and are a terrific gift for the holidays. Though sadly, there won’t be as much Date Nut Bread shared due to the Pandemic.

DIY Digi Day?!

But Date Nut Bread is not the end all be all of this day. Some say that today is also “National DIY Digi Day” celebrating the autonomy of those businesses that utilize DIY Digi in their marketing, DIY Digi standing for “Do it Yourself Digital.” Of course, this itself could be marketing hype, in other words a celebration date (again pun not intended) that is self serving for those in our society who empower their clients with Do It Yourself Digital and have been known to give date bread as a gift.

Deserving of Having a Holiday Named After it?

National Date Nut Bread Day? DIY Digi Day? How these two holidays began we may never know, but one thing that does resonate as maybe being deserving of having a holiday named for it, is the fact that when was formed, one of the key concepts of its origin was to create marketing that did not feel like marketing. Another deserving factor of DIY Digi is the desire, in keeping with the “USA Make a Difference” approach, to strive to make a difference and pursue substance over flash.


Media and Its Impact on Your Small Business

To be fair we are not taking a look at social media, which is really just a category of media. Instead, we’re looking at media itself, in all its various forms, and how it could be impacting upon you and your business without you even knowing it. The links below become a bit esoteric at times, but we sincerely hope you get something out of them.

Movie Process



Making a Difference

Two Peas in a Pod

To make the Smothers Brothers proud, the Stamas Bros have up their sleeves an entertainment project that involves giving props to the Smothers Brothers. Don’t know of the Smothers Brothers and how they were cancelled? Here’s a section of an article that was published by CBS:

“CBS abruptly yanked “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” in April 1969 because of their persistent and humorous opposition to the Vietnam War, support of civil rights and tweaking authority. They welcomed controversial anti-war guests and resisted efforts to censor the show.”

After reading the the above and realizing the landmark impact the Smothers Brothers have had on society, the Stamas Bros, thus intimidated , have changed gears. This is seen per the links below.

Yianni Stamas .com

Stamas Bros .com

DocuMystery .com


Disneyite, Entertainment Entrepreneurship and Artist Steps

Three Rungs in a Ladder

We’re here today to briefly talk about being a Disneyite who likes Entertainment Entrepreneurship and who is taking Artist Steps.

Charge It

We are talking about someone who loves Walt Disney who is an entrepreneur and uses entertainment steps to take her or him to the next level. The power of DIYdigi is that you can connect together any random influences to charge your electric car.

What You Need to Do

But what if you do not have such a car? Can you still be a Disneyite who uses Entertainment Entrepreneurship and Artist Steps to succeed? Of course you can! The lesson here is that whatever your truly BELIEVE can come true.

We now bring you the three contacts that we were talking about:


Entertainment Entrepreneurship

Artist Steps


Three Creators

Hello. Welcome to another edition of our Creative Weekdays. In this edition we’ll be looking at three artists who are different from each other both in terms of the mediums they focus on as well as their visions.


USA eLearning

Bigfoot Zombie


Magic Sites are Joining the Coaltion

Blog Coalition is growing. There are now nearly 60 blogs that have joined the group including this website. It’s a great resource for anyone looking to network with blogs or get on their lists for educational info.

Approximately 10 of the sites of the 60 are about magicians. There are many different takes on the profession of magic. Some of the blogs are somewhat fan orients, especially the ones that include images of some of the most powerful conjurers both living and dead.

Below are three sites from the coalition. Although they are not magic in nature, but their recent blog entries have to do with magicians.

NYC Create


USA Create