It is challenging here in NYC.

If only it was as easy as putting it on a t-shirt, but the complications continue.

Where are They Coming From?

Yes, it is challenging here in NYC, especially in Manhattan, the cultural center of the America. Everything has been set upside down by both the Coronavirus as well as the protests/vandalism/thefts. In terms of protests alone, they have been going peacefully, but it’s still a problem in terms of vandalism/theft. Toward the end of curfew (here it is 8:00pm EST) people pull up in Mercedes and other expensive vehicles all over the Big Apple and let out the crew. This crew then proceed to, well, do vandalism and theft.

On a Schedule

Last night it was raining hard so there wasn’t as much action on the streets, but New Yorkers are feeling fearful nonetheless. The anger has built up in some locals, plus there is now an “anything goes” mentality. Our mayor, who I sadly voted for (twice), is doing nothing but stirring the pot. He is unwilling to bring in any help, so it just keeps getting worse and worse out there, even when the protestors/vandals/thieves are not putting in time.

Top of Our Game

So even though “phase one” of the unlocking of lockdown begins June 8th, we know how dangerous it is out there still. There is justifiable anger being felt that is causing some people to commit crimes they wouldn’t have until now. You see it is currently acceptable to use blades, guns and even fists. So what about It’s still going quite well because we have clients from all over America, some in states where they’re not having the same troubles we are. We are top of our game despite the setbacks.


Does Your Website Show Up Correctly on all Devices?

Phone Use

Does your website show up correctly on all devices? By this point in time it should, which is also very important because most people will see your website on their phone.


If by chance your website has issues showing up correctly on all devices we suggest you speak with your web designer or do research online on the topic of websites being “responsive.”

Facing Challenges?

Again most of you out there don’t have this problem but this short post was created for those who have challenges in this area.


DIYDIGI Means Adapting to the Digital World

A New Way

Chances are you’ve been thinking about this, especially if your business was slammed by COVID-19. The thing on your mind could be how to adapt to the digital world so you can serve your customers in a new way.

Something to Think About

This could be the single most important thing you do in this Coronavirus standoff. What is your business really all about? Why do clients come to you? Why do they perceive that they need you? It could be a good thing to think about to take your mind off of the virus..

Who is This a Job For?

Is there anything you can act on right now? Who can help you with this? How can you contact them. This could be a fight for your digital life. Do you need to do this DIY or is this a job for an expert?


A Return to Do It Yourself Digital

Although it’s not a digital process, making T-shirts is a great way to publicize a brand. And you of course use DIYDIGI to digitally sell it.

Hello Again

Yes. We’ve returned. Hopefully for longer than a minute. We’ve been exploring what Do It Yourself Digital is really all about. We think that it is a mode you can be in to become more successful in whatever is driving you.

The List

For example, we have a project that we applied DIYDIGI to. We found a website called USA HOW TO which is a marketing and eBook website. Rather than work with them since we can’t afford it, we took a look at their site and the products/services they offer and made it into the list below:

  • Blog Post Writing
  • Bing Ads
  • Flyer Design
  • Lead Generation
  • Logo Design
  • Email Newsletter Design
  • Photo Cartoons
  • Presentations
  • Social Media Design
  • Website Design
  • Website Redesign
  • Whiteboard Animation Videos


We show you this list as inspiration of what is possible to do yourself. A few of the things were not problem to do, others took some study. But in the end we created a DIYDIGI marketing campaign and have been using it with pretty good results.

What’s Next?

Your input is important to us. How are you doing with DIYDIGI projects. We’d love to hear from you through the usual methods. Thanks.


How to Market Yourself or Your Project

Solve a Problem

USA Create had a post recently about starting your own Video Film Web production company. One of the things they covered in the blog entry was some suggested guidelines regarding starting your own business.

” – You need to be sure that you are filling a NEED and are SOLVING A PROBLEM. For example, our awards show the Platinum PIAs solved the problem of recognizing those who are making a difference in their community. This also helped in building community which can stem from being appreciated.”

But Don’t Forget About the Online Marketing

One of the best ways to market your projects if you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease is becoming YouTube famous. A knew book is being worked on and will be released soon on that very topic. The book looks at becoming an influencer as being a valuable way to market one’s self and the things they need to promote. The author of the book says that the goal was to offer actionable steps that are the same steps that were taken by some of YouTube’s biggest stars. Here’s a chunk from the intro to the book.

“No Fluff, All Details

This eBook was intentionally made to be just a little over 7,000 words. Why? Because we have cut to the quick and have narrowed down the things that you need to learn in order to become a YouTuber who is famous while making money at the same time. We don’t bog you down with a lot of unnecessary fluff.”

If you are interested in learning more about the YouTube eBook and when it is going to be released, please go here to join the Newsletter which is free and will also provide you with monthly free online marketing tips.

But maybe becoming a YouTuber is not your thing, there are still options such as seen on the How to Get New Customers website, also represented by the quote below.

Details of the “How to Get New Customers” Approach

“let’s talk a bit about the traditional way to get new customers. Often this is done by networking, doing incentives and discounts for new customers, then partnering with another entity that shares your targeted demographic and so on.”

Remember to Set Up Your Marketing Plan in Advance

Remember to set up your strategy for promotion early on because no matter what your project is, if there is no one who knows about it you won’t have an audience of consumers.


Introducing DIYdigi

What is DIYdigi?

DIYdigi was created because there was a need for more “Do It Yourself Digital.” Needed are digital solutions that you can do on your own since you are the most passionate one about your career or business.

Tools Followed by Taking Action

Also, we decided to do things a little differently, which was to help you initially with the creation of your necessary digital tools so that you can concentrate just on your marketing strategies and not have to worry about the technical aspects. Then, once the internet marketing arts tools have been created, the marketing begins! And the cool thing it answers the question “How to Get New Customers.”

Dovetailing with Social Media

Although our USA Create digital solutions do not involve the upkeep of your social media, they do dovetail nicely with it. Chances are you already have some social media platforms for you career or business and with DIYdigi tools can amplify them, to make them stronger. Just as an aside, there are a lot of programs that can help you with your social media including  HootSuite or SproutSocial to schedule updates to all your social platforms. This is a great way to save a lot of time.

An eBook Checklist Might be Helpful?

If you are interested in getting the ultimate of your DIYdigi solution and desire to make all the tools yourself, you can get an ebook checklist of 19 tools for free. You may not need all 19 of DIYdigi Online Marketing Arts Tools, but having a PDF eBook Checklist can be helpful in your decision making.

Be Sure that You’re Up for the Challenge of Fame

Other free stuff you’ll receive for joining the Club is a 10 day email marketing course. DIYdigi tools means do it it yourself digital tools to get new customers or even become famous online if you are interested in this. Remember for all the good that taking the steps to become online famous, there are also downsides. When you become a public figure you become a target for negative publicity, bullying and defamation of character. But paraphrasing what Madonna once said “Don’t read what they say about you.”

Art or Science?

what is one of our definitions of marketing and how does it related to getting new customers? We believe that to get new customers you need to offer your product or service to people who need what you offer the exact moment they need it. This is always our main goal when creating DIYdigi tools. Online Marketing Arts got the word “Arts” in it name because we at USA Create believe that marketing is not just a science but is an art just like any art form. This is because there is a strong creative component as well as the involvement of psychology. And this art form can help to get you new customers.

Optimize for Mobile Phones

We also believe that Entertainment Entrepreneurship should also be integrated into the internet campaigns you create. That’s why our partner, has as its description “Marketing empowerment through entertainment with a mobile phone focus.” The term “mobile phone focus” is an important one because according to a recent study by Zenith Research Group, Inc., is that mobile phone use is 80% of all internet use! This means that if your website is not optimized for mobile phones you are losing out big time!

The No Social Strategy

The No Social Strategy

It’s not to say that Social Media is terrible, it’s just that DIYdigi  doesn’t use social tactics. They leverage the power of “Do It Yourself Digital!”