We now bring you the magic dust you need to become a pop star!

Does Madonna Still Have “It?”

So you want to be a pop star?! When we say “pop star,” we mean all variations on the word. For some Pop Star means icons who sing. People who are really well known and revered by fans. At her height Madonna for example is one of those stories.

All About You

But pop star can also connote being an Influencer. Being an influencer means that you get a lot of followers on a Social Media site such as Instagram. The idea is to get a lot of people following the images and videos you put up, which to be a proper pop star it is required that the media feature you.

Good Deeds Under the Show Biz Spotlight?

But you might prefer being a pop star as someone who does good for the community. This person would need to be very popular in some related field and often turns her or his efforts toward good causes. When we name such a person we know there is going to be a lot of pushback but we see Sean Penn as being a pop star who is a famous actor but does good deeds for humanity.

The Cool Factor

And there are many more kinds of pop stars. Essentially you can pick an industry of your liking to start but then you need to build yourself up into being someone in POPular culture. Popular culture visibility is a must. You must be a kind of influential individual who has followers who want to be just like them. For example, Sean Penn when he helps others makes “giving back” something that is very cool. So it helps to be very cool.

But what are the 5 Easy Steps to Become a Pop Star Online?

  1. You must want to be famous to your very core and are good at complaining about fame but just can’t seem to not attract others in your effort to not Celebify yourself. But you just can’t seem to avoid the POPularity.
  2. Secretly be doing everything you possibly can to become a pop star but be able to make it look like your fame came out of nowhere and you just can’t seem to not be moving rapidly to stardom.
  3. Once you become a popstar you need to make it your priority to help others, especially in today’s challenges. Kim Kardashian is a pop star who visited the White House to get a deserving person a reprieve from jail.
  4. You must reinvent yourself as a pop star over and over and over again, adjusting to the times so you are always relevant. Madonna for example is still doing albums and getting the help of young people who are themselves pop stars in the making. But Madonna herself, even though tapping into the youth market, is perceived these days as no longer at the top of her game. And sadly “Perception is reality.”
  5. Now for the most important method to keep your celebrity stardom highly visible. This technique is a combination of all four of the prior steps. combined into the ABC’s of how to celebify yourself.

    A. Be aloof. You must still want fame above and beyond anything else. Don’t be fooled by famous people who are “too cool for school.” They secretly want to be famous but act like it isn’t important to them. You should be aloof too. This is because it makes you more awesome. Portray yourself as being very concerned about various issues. Sean Penn is of course an example of this. How is it that even though he doesn’t want fame for his positive deeds, he alerts the media to cover him helping others.

    B. Remember that “Perception is reality.” You’ve got to be a talented at “spin.” If you get negative feedback, be sure to spin it such that someone else is responsible for it and you are the victim.

    C. And finally “C’ one of the most important things. You need to be a master of media in whatever form it takes. You might not be able to literally do the technical aspects, but you must have insight into what the fame options that are available and contact doers of this, never be the actual one contacting, but get some member or members of you fame team.

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P.P.S. I lived in Hollywood for a while and got to know, as well as see, the behind the scenes of many famous folks. If you’ve always wondered if fame is just an act, it is. I couldn’t stand the insincere nature of all of it and fled to New York which as I write this, our dear city is getting hurt again and again. Where are the “Good Deed Doer Pop Stars” POPping up when you need them most to save Manhattan? They are nowhere to be seen because they are afraid of becoming targets. That’s an another lesson you must be aware of, which is that of knowing when to hold back if it can harm your precious rep.