The “Ask AI Guy,” Part Human, Part AI, Wants to Help YOU

The Stage Curtains Open Revealing the “Ask AI Guy”

You have questions about Books on AI and Marketing Services AI, and the Ask AI Guy has answers. The “Ask AI Guy” is figuratively speaking part person and part AI. His belief is that we live in a time where it is imperative that “A.I. Do Good.” Continuing with the “AI Do Good” experiment giving examples of answers to the question “So why AI?” with this part II being focused on the belief of DIY Digi that “DIY” (Do It Yourself” ) will be the choice of businesses and solopreneurs as relates to AI Marketing in the future. Also feedback from “DocuMystery” trying to solve the mysteries of AI, as well as Entertainment Entrepreneurship looking at the future of AI as it relates to the future of entertainment.

Part II: Exploring the Future of AI Marketing

DIY Digi: Embracing the DIY Approach to AI Marketing
DIY Digi firmly believes that “DIY” (Do It Yourself) will be the preferred choice for businesses and solopreneurs in AI marketing. In the future, companies will increasingly seek to develop their AI capabilities in-house, rather than relying solely on external experts or agencies. This DIY approach offers several advantages, including greater control, customization, and cost-effectiveness. By empowering businesses to build and deploy AI models tailored to their specific marketing needs, DIY Digi envisions a future where AI marketing becomes accessible to all, regardless of budget or size.

Example: A small e-commerce business using DIY AI tools to analyze customer data and personalize product recommendations. By leveraging AI algorithms and machine learning techniques, the business can provide a more personalized and engaging shopping experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and sales.

DocuMystery: Unraveling the Mysteries of AI in Marketing
DocuMystery, driven by the goal of demystifying AI, recognizes the importance of solving the mysteries surrounding the technology in the context of marketing. By investigating and explaining AI concepts, algorithms, and applications, DocuMystery aims to bridge the gap between technical jargon and practical understanding. This knowledge empowers marketers to make informed decisions about AI adoption in their marketing strategies, promoting transparency and ethical use.

Example: DocuMystery reveals the inner workings of AI-powered chatbots, helping marketers understand how these conversational agents can enhance customer support, automate lead generation, and improve engagement across various digital channels.

Entertainment Entrepreneurship: Envisioning the Future of AI in Entertainment

Entertainment Entrepreneurship predicts a transformative future for AI in the entertainment industry. From virtual reality experiences to AI-generated content, the integration of AI will revolutionize entertainment, offering immersive and personalized experiences to audiences. AI algorithms can analyze user preferences, consumption patterns, and content feedback to create tailored recommendations, develop interactive storylines, and generate engaging content that resonates with individual viewers.

Example: A streaming platform employs AI algorithms to curate personalized playlists based on users’ viewing habits, genre preferences, and contextual information. By leveraging AI, the platform can deliver highly relevant content recommendations, increasing user engagement and satisfaction.


The “AI Do Good” experiment, involving DIY Digi, DocuMystery, and Entertainment Entrepreneurship, sheds light on the future of AI marketing. DIY Digi’s belief in the DIY approach to AI marketing highlights the democratization of AI capabilities, empowering businesses and solopreneurs to leverage AI for marketing purposes. DocuMystery’s pursuit of solving the mysteries of AI fosters transparency and educates marketers, enabling them to make informed decisions in implementing AI strategies. Lastly, Entertainment Entrepreneurship anticipates a future where AI transforms the entertainment industry, creating immersive and personalized experiences for audiences. Together, these perspectives reinforce the “AI Do Good” philosophy, emphasizing the positive impact of AI and its potential to reshape the marketing landscape while prioritizing ethics, inclusivity, and transparency.