Media and Its Impact on Your Small Business

To be fair we are not taking a look at social media, which is really just a category of media. Instead, we’re looking at media itself, in all its various forms, and how it could be impacting upon you and your business without you even knowing it. The links below become a bit esoteric at times, but we sincerely hope you get something out of them.

Movie Process



Making a Difference

Two Peas in a Pod

To make the Smothers Brothers proud, the Stamas Bros have up their sleeves an entertainment project that involves giving props to the Smothers Brothers. Don’t know of the Smothers Brothers and how they were cancelled? Here’s a section of an article that was published by CBS:

“CBS abruptly yanked “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour” in April 1969 because of their persistent and humorous opposition to the Vietnam War, support of civil rights and tweaking authority. They welcomed controversial anti-war guests and resisted efforts to censor the show.”

After reading the the above and realizing the landmark impact the Smothers Brothers have had on society, the Stamas Bros, thus intimidated , have changed gears. This is seen per the links below.

Yianni Stamas .com

Stamas Bros .com

DocuMystery .com


Disneyite, Entertainment Entrepreneurship and Artist Steps

Three Rungs in a Ladder

We’re here today to briefly talk about being a Disneyite who likes Entertainment Entrepreneurship and who is taking Artist Steps.

Charge It

We are talking about someone who loves Walt Disney who is an entrepreneur and uses entertainment steps to take her or him to the next level. The power of DIYdigi is that you can connect together any random influences to charge your electric car.

What You Need to Do

But what if you do not have such a car? Can you still be a Disneyite who uses Entertainment Entrepreneurship and Artist Steps to succeed? Of course you can! The lesson here is that whatever your truly BELIEVE can come true.

We now bring you the three contacts that we were talking about:


Entertainment Entrepreneurship

Artist Steps


Three Creators

Hello. Welcome to another edition of our Creative Weekdays. In this edition we’ll be looking at three artists who are different from each other both in terms of the mediums they focus on as well as their visions.


USA eLearning

Bigfoot Zombie


Magic Sites are Joining the Coaltion

Blog Coalition is growing. There are now nearly 60 blogs that have joined the group including this website. It’s a great resource for anyone looking to network with blogs or get on their lists for educational info.

Approximately 10 of the sites of the 60 are about magicians. There are many different takes on the profession of magic. Some of the blogs are somewhat fan orients, especially the ones that include images of some of the most powerful conjurers both living and dead.

Below are three sites from the coalition. Although they are not magic in nature, but their recent blog entries have to do with magicians.

NYC Create


USA Create


Spirituality Versus Marketing in 3 Steps

It is an interesting threesome this morning, three blog posts which are a part of our parent organization and keeper of blogs: Blog Coalition. Each of the entries represents a step toward enlightenment? Hmmm. I don’t know, but we will find out. Here is the order to tune in and see.

As I write this I see my wife with swatter in hand seeking out a cockroach she noticed and now wants to kill. She keeps trying to fool the bug, but each time she is ready to crush it, it vanishes from view. Such is an aspect of having the privilege of living in the greatest city in the world. Does this relate to the blog posts below?

Art Gush

NYC Workshops

USA How To


Thanks to the Digi Crew

First off, thanks to the digi crew (including USA Go Digital, USA Online Business and VideoFilmWeb) for the links, we always appreciate it and these are some of the most influential (at least in our mind) figures in online media, not necessarily including social media.

Social media is under fire, and many would say for good reason. Although it can help you tap into your audience, it is not always with positive results. The web audience today is very different than the one even 5 years ago. It is an ever evolving thing.

If reaching a particular demographic is on your todo list, you might want to take a look at these folks:

USA Go Digital

USA Online Business



Save NYC Together

Although, due to the Pandemic, much in-person communication has been halted, digital communication is on the rise in conjunction with a desire, through any means possible, to create and preserve art. There is still creativity in the city and you see it on building all over. This means of checking in has not shut down. This expression is a sign that we can save NYC together.

And then there are the digital artists. How are they doing? Like it or not it is a digital domain. So artists are communicating that way as well. Hence DIYdigi and friends:

Home Business Digital

Home Business eLearning

Media Administration