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Holding the Magic

I know that I hold the magic in my hand today. Why? Because one of today’s links that I will be sharing with you leads to the idol in my life. Check out all the links of course, but especially number 3.

Become a Mentalist

Harry Potter Fan Club NYC

Houdini Day


A Return to DIYdigi

DIYdigi hits it right on target as it draws the Blog Coalition members closer.

Move More Quickly

The sooner your outlook gets close to this, the closer you are to join the big leagues. Depending on the products or services that you have aligned yourself with, there will always be competition. The good new is that being smaller can be sometimes good in these circumstances because you are not weighed down as the big companies. You can move more quickly than they can because you have less to lose.

Invest in Your Next Venture

You have new ideas, new energy and are not held back by old ideas. You need to introduce new ideas, get financed, and then with the money you make invest it into your next idea and so one. You want to have multiple things all working together somehow. In some instances it may make sense to sell some of these companies to make even more money to be invested in your next venture.

Bringing it to Your Arena

You need to become an innovator, more and more so as you get higher and higher up in the rungs of starting, selling and buying businesses. Sometimes you’re sell your businesses and other times you will purchase those of other people. It’s all based in how you can innovate. How you can see relationships between things. For example, you can see in another industry an idea that can be brought into your own arena.

Searching for the Big Deals

Learn from how other businesses are both working and failing and apply this to your own companies. At this stage of the game you are a millionaire many times over and are looking for the big deals, the life changing ones.

Setting Your Prices

To get the contracts for your company you must recall that first and foremost you are a solution. You solve problems for people. And the better you can do that, the more successful you will be, especially if you can offer to other businesses, the same result they are paying for, by showing them you can do it for half and do it better.

You Have Entered a Higher Realm

Invest in everything that makes sense to invest in. Trust your instincts but also do the numbers carefully. In this higher realm. When reaching this stage millions upon missions are small fry. Because, at least on paper, you are a billionaire. A lot to take in? A lot to have to create? If so, don’t give up yet. We wanted in this chapter to give you a realistic overview of the “reality” of what it will be like and how you can process is.