That Thing

It Came Quickly and has Stayed

I went outside with my family to test going to the park. The test failed. Most were not wearing masks, nor were they practicing social distancing. And they were sweating and coughing. I also went outside once to get a root canal by a dentist down the street. So that’s just two times in the past several months that I’ve been somewhere else than our apartment building.

But I’ve been busy. Doing work for clients and personal projects. Ultimately the personal endeavors connect to being for clients also, in the form of tools to get more clients and keep the ones I currently have. How about you? Have you stayed indoors the whole time or are you someone who has ventured outside on a regular basis?

And school is starting soon for my 11 year old daughter. And I am worried. She really wants to do hybrid learning with one week being in-person at her school, then one week with distance learning. I would prefer her to stay home with her studies. But I understand, she misses her friends. So ultimately I wrote down hybrid on the survey. We’ll see…


Digital is a Gift

As much as we might complain about it sometimes, digital is a gift. It makes positivity possible, and like any force, how you use it is what matters most. If you are older it may all seem mystifying, but the good news is that it is really not all that different than technology as it once was many years ago.

People are still people and their needs haven’t really changed a lot from the “Good Old Days!” Sure, there are some ways digital can be negative, seeking you out, trying to pull you into a danger zone. But this kind of thing happened way before digital: you feeling out-of-sorts and in a new strange life.

If digital is an issue for you, like many things, beating it means integrating it and therefore not being afraid of it, because it is has become a part of you. But even if it lurks in your inner mind, you now have the power to overcome it. Because remember, digital is a gift. It makes positivity possible.


Working on eBooks

As some of you know, we are currently working on a number of eBooks. They are taking a long time which is fine because we are by no means ready for the sales platform we will be using. We are thinking of a couple different options and if you’re someone out there who has had a good experience with a platform, please let us know.

Although moving at a snail’s pace it is turning out to be a lot of fun putting on the page what we mostly used to teach live.

One blessing in disguise is that out of the Pandemic and all the other negative stuff that has been happening, digital education is succeeding big time.


Your Mission


I was helping out a company today with refining their mission. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have or entrepreneurial venture that you have embarked on. You need a mission.

Components of Your Mission

A mission states your purpose and defines you goals for the customer or client. It is actually much more than that, which if we had more time to work on this blog we would give you a list of components.

A Promise

A mission is a promise that you make to your client regarding the ways you are going to serve them and be consistent about. Have you written your mission?


Thank Goodness for Video

Imagine a world without video conferencing. It wasn’t really that long ago we didn’t have it at the level we have now. You almost can’t go wrong using any of the brands out there. I the end it comes down to taste.

What are some of the cool things you can do with this technology that might not always be obvious? One of the big ones is being able to be in touch with influencers for your various projects.

Getting an influencer to appear on your channel or other media communication is not really that difficult. You just must hit the chord of win-win. How does it benefit the influencer to allow you to interview her or him?

Put yourself in the Influencer’s mind. Why might they want to work with you? A big one is that you can help them reach a larger reach of possible new fans. In other words, you need to have an existing audience to appeal to them.

So get on the case of getting yourself more viewers and fans. There are many ways to do this as seen in the eBook we are currently working on.