The Way Video is Changing

Last Purchase?

I used to make certain that I always had the latest equipment needed for video. That changed radically a few years ago when I bought a camera that could very well be my last video purchase of this kind.

The Big Promise

Why? Because you don’t need the latest camera unless you are hiring yourself or your equipment out as a videographer/owner. You have everything you need in that little device with big promise: your phone.


The way we do business now with the video aspect (especially since our clients are all over the country) is more of a phone and editing play. The client supplies us with pictures and phone video and we transform it into a business presentation. That’s the way video is changing, at least for us!


Two Sites Where CAUSE Marketing is Being Discussed

The development of the eBook “Home Based Business CAUSE Marketing” has been handed over from DIYdigi to members of the marketing community that are calling themselves “Home Business Achievers.”

What is a Home Business Achiever? It is something that often those who are, know they are. But what about those with potential? Will they ever have the confidence of being a full blown HBA? Our response, though controversial, is “yes.” How? The approach of “how” is really quite simple. It has to do with not counting out those who are insecure of their abilities or who are unsure they are fit for the online world of home business achievers.

There is a large amount of info out there on how to be successful with marketing, but very few of these techniques look at the human emotional side of creating promotions. Many of us have zero confidence unless we are affirmed. Yes, this most likely comes from a less than stellar childhood. But that was then. So what now? Easy: encouragement.

There is a fine line between helpful encouragement and urging on the unqualified. That said, we still believe that everyone should have a shot. And two publications that look at things from a warm and fuzzy perspective are Coronavirus After and Create Profitable Marketing.


What Motivates You?

Built Into Your Brain

Surely you have something that motivates you? You may not be aware of what it is, but every waking moment you are controlled by it. This is especially likely if you deny you have a negative incentive built into your brain.


We all talk about our freedom. Freedom from war. Freedom from ourselves. I still do not have that freedom. I’ve undergone every mental illness clique possible, barely short of being locked up. It has been suggested for me many times, all of which I rejected.

No Depression Allowed

I know what motivates me. Having a depression-free day, even hour. Spending time with my family. And pursuing my hobbies that may one day become my work. This is what motivates me. How about you?


Too Soon to Jump In

Students Graduating from High School are Unprepared

It is unfair that the student who wants to start their own business or home business must jump into the swimming pool of reality unprepared. It’s too soon to jump in if you haven’t been exposed to the right education programs that give you a head start without having to learn everything from scratch.

Apple for Teacher

There was a post today at The Big Apple Awards” website about the need for entrepreneurship and home business training in the current educational context, with urgency coming from the fact that this area needs to be taught now!

Needed Now

It is no longer practical for fleeting mentions. Home Business and Marketing are key components needed now in an outdated education system.


Getting Your Vision “Out There”

Watch Out for Sublimation

Many of us are searching for our best work. The hope for a time that brings about, us crystalizing our ideas had for a span of several years. Although it is too early to come out and say this directly, it is possible that we may have at the very least, uncovered the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The goal is to reveal our vision before it melts!

Get in Before Closing Time

Not that our ideas are cold, far from that, but there is still the fear that this insight may have a window. Only had for a certain amount of time before the shutters close for good.

Stay Informed

We are up for the fight and will bring you news as it develops in the form of our newsletter.


More on Promoting Your eBook

Get in their face with your eBook sales.

They Can Not Wait to Buy It

Promoting your eBook can be a lot of fun and if you do it correctly then you can be financially rewarded as well. It is assumed when you wrote your publication you took into mind the reaching of a demographic that needed your information. The more urgent the better because then your solution will be sought over and when a member of the public comes across your eBook for sale, that can’t wait to buy it.

Solution or Pain Stopper?

Reverse engineering is not a bad idea. Find a market that either needs a solution to a problem or to stop the pain, and author your work directed toward the audience you selected.

Best Selling Preposition

Your sales and marketing methodology is based on your confidence in your marketing. If you have it in-focus then self hosting the eCommerce is a good idea. If your promotional plans are not quite tight, consider selling it on a genre related site.


How the eBook will be marketed.

Distribution and Sales of the eBook

We are overseeing all the aspects of the creation of an eBook including, content creation, eBook cover as well as the distribution and sales of the eBook.

The Importance of a Purchase Being Made

Sales and distribution are interesting steps in the creative development of something creative. That creative product once created needs to have a brand awareness and forms of media built about that will be strong enough to make someone want to buy. Ultimately it is about having the customer make the purchase.

We Will Keep You Updated

In order to achieve this we are well aware that it can sometimes take over 10 times of exposure of a product, for an actual sale to happen. Once the book has been completed and we begin testing with some new media promotion tools. We will keep you posted on what is working and is not working.


Why Start a Home Business?

Realization that We Had Been a Home Business

As someone who successfully ran a business in the heart of Manhattan, NY for 12 years, I didn’t realize it at the time but I was running a home business. Yes, we did have an office that we were based out of, but for all intents we were a home business because there was one person, the business owner, and others were freelancers, We had no actual employees.

Join the Club

Since the time of doing our business things have gotten even more exciting, because home businesses are now starting to help other home businesses who fulfil services they need of each other. It’s kind of like a home business club.

We’d Love to Hear From You

Would you like to be a member of the club? Let us know. Also, to answer the question of “Why start a home businesses?” The answer is simple: freedom. You become your own boss. This comes with downsides too, which means you are responsible for your business. But we believe the benefits outweigh the negatives. Do you have a home business? If so, we’d love to hear from you!


Developing Marketing Experiment

We are doing a marketing experiment as a big and important (to us) campaign. Our focus is on developing some new sites, then making these sites into participants. In short, we are going to give 3 choices to the web visitor and will document through analytics which link is the most desired.

Why do we do experiments? We do them in order to better equipped with knowledge that in turn will make it possible for us to create content in a manner that is most favored.

It is going to take a while to get this project up and running because there are three new sites that are needed and unfortunately our bandwidth is at its limit. When things settle down a little bit we’ll get right to it. So checkback often!


Visitor Go Away

We are all in the grasp of an undesired visitor. We tell this visitor to go away, but it makes no difference, the visitor remains.

We know in our gut that the only hope to rid ourselves of this visitor is to do something different, take a calculated risk. We have decided to do so.

Even though this entry is short, we are hoping to be able to reveal our cure to do away with the visitor. By the way, this visitor is not Covid.