I am too tired to write this blog post.

Truth be told I actually have a lot to talk about in this blog post regarding that the new eBook is coming along nicely and that it is intended to be (if the audience likes it) the first of a series that I will be writing one month at a time. Each publication will have in common that they are about how to use marketing to make more money with your business.

If I had more “zest” at this moment I might mention a couple of chapters and their names, next getting into detail about each chapter and how it helps you use promotions to make more green for your entrepreneurial ventures. But I am ready to lay down on go to sleep instead.

I never get enough sleep because I usually go to bed super late and wake up extremely early. But my energy level usually involves coffee to get stimulated, next diving into my work day, which includes writing entries for this website.

And then between 3:30pm and 5:00pm I feel so exhausted I need to lay down for 15 to 20 minutes, not sleeping but just just relaxing. When I get up then finish out my work day, next spending time with my family.

But I can’t tell you about all this because, well, I am too tired to write this blog post!


Employee Marketing

You want employees to have an emotional connection to the employee campaigns which can be accomplished by understanding the psychology of the employees and what motivates them in involvement more than just financially. Do this correctly and you will quickly have a group of motivated employees taking your campaigns for the company to a whole new level of marketing power.

An important aspect of using employee marketing is looking at the experience between employees and customers. Look at how some employees have been better at customer retention and profits. Have these employee stars talk about how they accomplished what they have accomplished. This works on two levels. The first being the employee who is sharing to feel good and proud about achieving what she/he has as well as the enjoyable process for them of pride when sharing with other employees their strategies.

You must be on high alert of all your sources of new material for the internal employee marketing campaign as well as being able to tweak the customer campaigns so that they take into consideration what employees have said about working with customers and the motivators that they have observed.

Another strategy that you can do with employees is by having them potentially participate in the company blogging process as in them creating their own posts as an outreach to clients who read the site. This can be an informational piece with concepts shared that are of interest to customers.

An extremely ambitious approach that I did for the business owners and the clients was looking at each employee being capable of creating their own specific campaign shared with clients. We did it by assigning a different blog to each employee. As a manager of many websites I was able to cut a deal with the sites for them being open to their site being focused on by an employee. This is a win-win because employees benefit by having the blog forum to talk about themselves and the services they offer. It also helps increase each individual blog’s search engine visibility, especially if the articles are written carefully, keeping an eye on involving the most helpful keywords for both communication with the client and communicating with search engines.

It did indeed prove to be challenging to keep the employees via the managers motivated to create blog content as well as get their respective customers to know about the website they are guest blogging on plus make the customers aware of current campaigns and offers.


Cause Marketing

Wikipedia defines cause marketing as being marketing done by a for-profit business that seeks to both increase profits and to better society in accordance with corporate social responsibility, such as by including activist messages in advertising. So, it truly is a win-win situation where an important message is gotten out in conjunction with your business thriving.

It has been proven that if done correctly, cause marketing can make over 90% of your current customers or your future ones see to see you in a positive light, making it more likely for those who are not already working with you, to make the change to becoming your clients, leaving your competition behind. Studies have revealed that consumers are more likely to go from one brand to another if the brand they have switched to are seen as being helpful with their community both online and off.

A common strategy for big businesses is that for every one of their products sold, a certain percentage number is given to an organization with a good cause. But of course, this isn’t always possible for a small business, that in these challenging times may just be holding on by a thread. But for businesses like this, there is another strategy: having employees volunteering for things like feeding the homeless. Of course, these days, with being in a pandemic, make it difficult to do such things without being at risk.

So, another strategy is for your business to spread the word about good causes through your marketing. In this scenario your advertising, publicity and promotions, all include a look at a relevant issue that you want to bring to attention with the general public. That way you get across insight into an important issue while also promoting what you do.

Or another approach is to have employees engaging with assistance to the donation arm of a nonprofit. Such as doing a gesture of some kind for which they are sponsored by their friends and family with the raised amount given to the charity. The key in situations like this is to make visual your employee’s activities and include photos of the event in future promotions.

So, as you can see, due to the looting, destruction of property as well as the virus, most activities currently for safety reasons need to be done digitally. This means featuring your activities in some of the marketing means we have covered already that includes email marketing in which a newsletter not only presents to your subscribers with information that was their incentive to join in the first place, but also documentation of how you and company has been helpful to society.

But what if you are a solopreneur or very small business? You can become a resource for newsletter subscribers of stories that possibly include a volunteer component but can also just be about positive things that are happening in the community both offline and online. As we have covered, if your business is able to operate in part or in its entirety through a digital means, all the better.


Quick Look at Technical Portion of Writing an eBook

Response From Readers

This is going to be a very short post in response to what few readers have been curious about: the technical portion of writing an eBook. We will likely in the future write in more detail about the nuts and bolts of eBook creation but below are a few places to start.

It is Simple

There are two basic formats you can provide to your client/customer with, in terms of eBooks. Kindle and PDF. There are actually more mediums of eBooks, possible, but those are the ones we are going to focus on.
We could go on in a long description about creating eBooks, but it is really a pretty simple process.

Different Formats You Can Use

If you want your eBook to be sold on Amazon you are going to need as a submission format, Microsoft Word. There are several ways of ending up with this file format of course, including using the free Google Docs and then converting the file to Word when you download it. You can submit your eBook to Amazon in this format and they will accept it. Nothing could be easier!

Selling on Amazon

No need converting it to Kindle format yourself because Amazon will do it for you. Be sure to check out the conversion when it is done, because if the formatting is really bad, doing it yourself is an option. Regardless of how you get there, Kindle is the format needed to sell your eBook on Amazon.


eBook in Development

Being Away Makes a Difference

Our last post was on Friday and it is now Monday. We have decided (at least at the moment) of being like other people and take the weekends off. It is interesting to note that you get, at least for us, a feeling of disconnect in terms of the process. It is almost as if we have to get our chops back up, despite only being away from the process for just a few days.

What it is About

We should mention that this past week as been the start of us writing an eBook about – what else -marketing. Specifically marketing during this time of the pandemic and violence in our New York City neighborhoods. It is marketing made for an uncertain world by focusing on “Cause Marketing” that is marketing that gets its message across in cause oriented way.

Writing Schedule

We worked all last week, each morning early for Monday through Friday, ending up with the equivalent of one fourth of the work for the eBook. To be more specific, we are writing just 500 words per weekday, or 2,500 words per week and 10,000 words per month. 10,000 is the smallest amount possible for a nonfiction eBook. Though, we can’t help it, and are ending up with more than just 500 words per day.

Possible Long Term Plan

Our ambition, if the first eBook goes over well, is to write a new eBook each month and either make them available on a third party site or possibly eventually get an eCommerce location on one of our participating blogs in the Blog Coalition.

Creativity Education

How to Write an eBook

Emailing your prospects an eBook, can provide incentives to work with you.

Your System’s eBook

One question that we get a lot is about not being sure how to write an eBook that is used in conjunction with their email marketing system that is used to get the prospect’s email to then give them an eBook.

Writing eBook Content

But how do you write an eBook if you have never written one before? They are two answers to the question, of which you can choose your favorite. First is taking a look at you and your knowledge for writing such a book.

Pour Out Knowledge

Are you an expert in your field? If yes, writing the eBook is as easy as pouring out some of your knowledge onto the page. With your first draft do not worry about the spelling and grammar, because you can always go back and edit what you have written. Don’t give too much information about how your industry works, but enough to satisfy the person who will eventually get the eBook. They need to feel that when signing up for your newsletter and getting your eBook that they are receiving something of value.

Seek Out Experts

The second way to get information for your eBook is to do phone interviews (converted to writing) of experts in your field. If you go this route you could even do a digital download of the audio rather than doing an eBook. A final note on the eBook is that it is a good idea to offer your subscriber a format they can read the publication in, such as PDFs.

Education Success

Is Social Media Worth It for Your Business?

Who Are You Trying to Reach?

Depending on who you are trying to reach, staples of social media included Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Give the Right Impression

If you know why you are using social media and believe it still gives you a result, there is not harm in using organic (non-paid) social media in the conventional sense. But you need to have a plan and consistency of use, so your customers see you as stable and on top of things.

Less Reach is a Problem with Organic

A less than specific social media presence is likely to not be worth doing. you see, as mentioned social media platform creators are in business too. The business of selling you ads since you don’t get as long of a reach.

Reach Your Demographic

See it from their perspective. As discussed, when they give you less reach you will become more likely to buy ads from them. Additionally, because people give a lot of their information when signing up for a service, this is more sales data that can be used working with customers who are trying to reach a specific demographic.

Are You Willing to Pay for Ads

In short what have we learned about making use of social media to make more money? It is to have a strategy as to why you are using it coupled with considering purchasing some ads. So, the secret being revealed here is have a strategy for using your traditional social media and being willing to pay for ads.

Don’t Get Hurt

How will you make money from this? You will have your organic structure of why you are using traditional social media. But again, be consistent. Because quite frankly if you are not operating with a disciplined strategy, updating at least weekly, your social media will hurt you more than it will help you.

Best of Both

That said, the combination of organic social and paid social is the best of both worlds. Your traditional social can be a way to link to updates of your website, interacting with customers.

Let ‘Em Know You Know Your Stuff!

Your paid social needs to at the very least get you new email from prospects that over time you can convert them to being customers because you will be in touch with them by email weekly, or at the very least, monthly. Though, some folks that you get from your paid social, will be willing to buy your product or service right now. If possible, what you initially want them to buy from you is an eBook you write that is available on Amazon Kindle. Why a book? Because it helps position yourself as an expert. It makes future clients more likely to buy from you because you clearly “know your stuff.” More on how to write and eBook and publish it is coming in future lessons.

Get Money!

So, there you have it, the partnership of organic and paid social media that can make you money instantaneously or get you prospects on your email list. MONEY now as well as later!


Are You Aware of Dark Social?

“As I think about the future of the internet, I believe a privacy-focused communications platform will become even more important than today’s open platforms.”

    Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook

Introducing Dark Social

Have you ever heard the term “Dark Social?” Don’t worry, this is not some kind of scary entity, it is merely a word used to describe a certain kind of social media. This form of social media is often considered to be a direct form of social such as emails, chat and other person to person kinds of social. The big difference between social media and dark social is that dark social is a form of correspondence and interactivity that is private and not broadcast to many others in social forms such as Facebook.


And the Mark Zuckerberg comment is pretty ironic because only a short while ago he was very AGAINST private means of communication and scoffed at the idea of people engaging in dark social. But now as people have been leaving Facebook in droves, seeking out a more safe kind of interactivity, Zuckerberg seems to have woken up and smelled the anti-social media proverbial coffee.


I woke up this morning with my mind on NYC.

This website is brought to you from Manhattan, New York. As of the writing of this quick post our beloved NYC is going through some challenges. But New York City has always been a place where one must put the effort in to succeed and the circumstances we now face are of a different sort but we as New Yorkers are used to the fight. We will not stop until the Big Apple is brought back to its original luster.


Niche Specific Marketing

Specificity in Promotion

Yes, there are specialists in your industry when it comes to marketing. Regardless of your business type or profession there are those who are focused on your niche. The new blog/website Create Profitable Marketing did a brief post today that talks about having more specificity in promotion.

Oversee Your Marketing

Think of it this way, you’re not going to hire a personal trainer as your brain surgeon so why just settle for any marketer? It doesn’t make sense when you think about it. And truth be told, you are actually the perfect person to do your own marketing. You may not know how to market or create marketing tools, but you can certainly oversee someone who does.

Monthly Campaigns

DIYdigi specializes in Do It Yourself Digital Marketing which gives you the tools you need that match your industry. You can do it yourself! Though, DIYdigi does have programs where they do the monthly campaigns for you.